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Oklahoma Football — Oklahoma State Meltdown: Pistols Misfiring

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This is a place for OU fans to rejoice in Cowboy misery.

NCAA Football: Oklahoma at Oklahoma State Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

After an evening of exciting football in Stillwater, I thought it would be fun to look back on the message boards of the opposing fan base to see how they were taking it. What awaits you below the dividing line in this post are some of the best reactions of Oklahoma State Cowboys fans (chronologically via the message boards on Pistols Firing, GoPokes247, & Orange Power ) as they watched their ) as they watched their Pokes lose to Lincoln Riley and the Oklahoma Sooners. LET’S GET IT. (Note: Spelling errors are theirs, not ours)

  • Bring the rowdy!! Beat OU!!!
  • Should be the most hostile environment OU has been in all season..crowd needs to bring the noise & bring it big time!
  • We got them where we want them!!!!!
  • All Orange. It’s who we are and drives the goons crazy.
  • Typical D start
  • Welp, that was as easy as can be
  • Seriously, every play was successful on that drive.
  • Good answer!!!
  • Hurts is kinda soft. He folds with the slightest hits/pressure. We need to get after him but contain.
  • 1st down, commercial, false start, commercial.
  • Furk
  • Here goes some bedlam sh*t
  • It’s bedlam. Give us another 4 years...
  • Every freaking year.
  • So I guess we’re playing the “bend over and hope they use lube” defensive scheme.
  • This game is going to end at 3am with all these commercials.
  • Holy hell the commercials are going to kill me. Even the usual ones are pissing me off now. lol
  • Bunch of defensive geniuses on here. They are the #1 offense in the country 3 years in a row.
  • He’s in bounds
  • One of the dumber throws you will ever see. Only in bedlam.
  • Holy hell
  • Can’t believe they overturned that! We still have life.
  • what a freaking gift
  • Chuba is gonna break one tonight
  • Shocker. Still can’t believe they over turned the INT.
  • I hate the OU band.
  • So. Many. Commerical. Breaks.
  • Well shit
  • Kenneth Murray is a c**k sucker.
  • F’n genius
  • WTF
  • Love Chuba, but really?
  • This is why we lose this game every year
  • Atleast Dave on fox is still a homer.
  • Welp ou looks to have adjusted. We’re toast
  • Now we are screwed
  • Two spies on Hurts and he still gets it.
  • Pathetic defense here
  • Trading field goals for TDs seems bad
  • But it’s the gundy way...
  • I have a degree in statistics. I can confirm your feeling.
  • How is he able to pass against a 3 man front?
  • Pu**y a** football
  • And he’s out for the first half of the bowl game... great...
  • I don’t feel like we’re being outplayed but that we’re being outsmarted.
  • I just don’t understand the piss down your leg mentality of Gundy and his staff.
  • I’ve been on this board for 15 years this week and I have only got to celebrate 2 bedlam victories. So damn pathetic.
  • The uo coaches playing chess, and our coaches are making mud pies.
  • It must be cool to score touchdowns and to have coaches that call plays that highlight the teams strength
  • Do we give up or find some pride? I’m hoping we stay proud and sprint to the finish.
  • If it weren’t for people making negative comments on this thread, we might have won tonight.
  • The basketball team sure looks sharp, don’t they?
  • 84 did a great job of blocking wind on that 4 th down.
  • Gundy and Jones a combined 2-24 against OU. Which means Gundy has a great chance to have a Sports Animal show.
  • Hot damn! Forced a punt! I hear the theme song from Rocky playing.
  • Good thing Bob isn’t coaching. He would’ve ran it up to 50 on us by now
  • Time to root for Baylor.
  • How many times will we beat OU in the next two years?
  • Five years?
  • Ten years?
  • Future is bright except for bedlam every year.
  • They just declare the game over??
  • Hahahaha. Game over before zero on the clock. Futility.
  • Ha. We just said fuck it stop the game. Little league shit.
  • That’s typical Gundy BS. DONT EVEN LET OUR TEAM FINISH. PUSS.
  • Someone explain the end of the game to me. Did we just forfeit?!?
  • this series being called “Bedlam” is ironically hilarious and depressing.
  • Seriously, calling the game before it was over is about as embarrassing as Perine taking a knee a couple of years ago.

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