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Oklahoma Sooners Football falls to No. 8 in SB Nation FanPulse poll

The Sooners are also No. 8 in the eyes of surveyed Oklahoma fans.

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NCAA Football: Oklahoma at Kansas State Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

Following a shocking upset at the hands of the Kansas State Wildcats, the Oklahoma Sooners fell to No. 8 in this week’s SB Nation FanPulse poll. Sixty-six of the NCAA team brands fan bases voted to create this week’s Top 25, and here’s what the data tells us:

Here’s how Oklahoma fans voted this week:

  1. Alabama (8-0)
  2. Ohio State (8-0)
  3. LSU (8-0)
  4. Clemson (8-0)
  5. Penn State (8-0)
  6. Florida (7-1)
  7. Georgia (6-1)
  8. Oklahoma (7-1)
  9. Baylor (7-0)
  10. Utah (7-1)
  11. Oregon (7-1)
  12. Auburn (6-2)
  13. Minnesota (8-0)
  14. SMU (8-0)
  15. Notre Dame (5-2)
  16. Cincinnati (6-1)
  17. Wisconsin (6-2)
  18. App State (7-0)
  19. Michigan (6-2)
  20. Wake Forest (6-1)
  21. San Diego State (7-1)
  22. Boise State (6-1)
  23. Memphis (7-1)
  24. Louisiana Tech (7-1)
  25. Iowa (6-2)

A few things:

  • Kansas State is included in both the AP Poll and the Coaches Poll this week, but OU fans — and college football fans as a whole — aren’t giving them the same respect after beating a top-five team and improving to 5-2. I’m a bit surprised that fans give them at least enough credit to give them a spot above one of the one-loss G5 schools.
  • Texas is absent from this week’s poll and is decidedly not back, folks. The Longhorns are in the “also receiving votes” category, coming in at No. 28 nationally. You hate to see it.
  • Oklahoma fans flipped Alabama and LSU to No. 1 and No. 3, respectively, after having LSU on top last week. LSU had a more difficult time with Auburn than it probably should’ve, but I’m not sure ‘Bama did enough not justify leapfrogging Ohio State. Very odd, indeed.

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