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Oklahoma Football — Longhorn Meltdown: The Tears of Texas are Upon You

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This is a place for Sooner fans to bask in Longhorn misery.

Oklahoma v Texas Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

After a day like today, it’s always fun to look back on the countless wonders that humanity provides us with fan reactions in live-time as Jalen Hurts and Kenneth Murray led Oklahoma to a 34-27 victory. What awaits you below the dividing line in this post are some of the best reactions of Texas fans (via the message boards on Burnt Orange Nation and Horns247) as they watched their Texas Longhorns lose to Lincoln Riley and the Oklahoma Sooners. LET’S GET IT. (Note: Spelling errors are theirs, not ours)

  • Me, my wife and my two best friends drove up and arrived in Dallas at 3 AM. I didn’t sleep. Ready for the game!
  • All I know is that it’s saturday, RRR game day, the weather could be no more perfect than it is this day, fried food is the souls gravy, don’t care how many points they score so long as we score more, live to see Texas take people’s heads off, life is good and OU sux. 37-23 Horns
  • Refs already ruining game, not suprised
  • LETS GO!!!!!!!!
  • oh crap
  • Made it look really easy
  • that’s how you run the pick play in the end zone without getting a penalty.
  • Okay let’s match them
  • OU is playing better D than Texas lol
  • So much for being the more physical team lol
  • FUMBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Didn’t anyone get blocked that last play?
  • Kenneth murray is one of the dirtiest players I’ve seen. Always wrapping people up around -the head and neck area
  • Our LB are being exposed
  • Is orlando really that stupid?
  • Can’t stop them. Not even getting close to stopping them
  • Texas offense is just playing straight up scared... simple
  • 207 yards on offense to 45 - seriously?
  • why is a linebacker covering Lamb
  • F—- you Riley. No class
  • Yeah. This is pathetic, we look clueless and desperate
  • You know, the bunch of pussies started when Herman started complaining about horns down. It’s football, I think he forgot how to play the game. Hard nose football with a lot of passion.
  • Who is 25? He has cement shoes on?
  • WTFNobody covering CD Lam?
  • All of that talk BJ and you come out and play like that? Keep your mouth closed from now on.
  • 6 longhorns in front of lamb when he caught that. Horribly coached team with more talent - we are.
  • Offense finally does something and the defense immediately lays an egg.
  • this is embarrassing
  • Team is not even close mentally to being a championship team
  • oh my ******** god
  • Eagles needs to learn how to catch.
  • Our offense has been a huge letdown
  • Nice catch for a 3 yd loss
  • I wonder if Cosmi might have a different opinion about the DL?
  • CeeDee Lamb is carving up this secondary.
  • feels like a slow death
  • I just had a Crabtree flashback
  • Are we allowed to practice tackling?
  • Tackling is hard
  • Lamb must be covered in corn dog grease
  • Herman needs to tell their players to keep their mouth shut - talk is cheap - ou has outplayed Texas in EVERY area, especially coaching
  • the crowd just cheered the fair catch hahahahahaha
  • A big roar from the crowd for kneeling in the end zone
  • How the fu%$ is that not targeting?
  • Klatt seriously needs to STFU.
  • that seems like a pretty weak pass interference but i’ll take it
  • give credit for ou being physical and in position - their db’s are playing well. time for texas to step up
  • why would you throw a jump ball to john burt
  • theres 76 people in the box and you still run it
  • Their Defense is so much bigger than ours they’ve got bulging body’s and muscled up and -we look like wimps
  • So we should only complain that the refs aren’t calling blatant PI because we’re playing poorly on offense?
  • Are we trying to let them score fast so we can get the ball back to go with 3 straight QB draws and punt?
  • Game f**king over
  • Riley is way better at setting up plays than Herman is. It’s not even close...
  • They whipped our ass on both sides of the line! We can’t tackle! They are the more physical team! Coach Riley is a better coach than Herman. Brutal performance today!
  • Riley is easily the better coach
  • Their pulling lineman have no one to block.
  • Hate t say it, but I will say it again, Herman will not be the long term answer.
  • It’s obvious how much better coached they are than us
  • Ay guys least we’ll have a top 6/7 class this year to get out coached next year
  • Even when Eagles catches the ball he still struggles to catch the ball.
  • Foster after taking all that ***** has played awful.
  • Our OL is just getting abused.
  • If Muschamp gets canned at SC should we pull the trigger?
  • ****** **** defense. Todd Orlando can go to Hell! Screw everyone that downvoted me for - talking about this bullshit Defense and Offense.
  • Way to go boys, you totally shit the bed.
  • Nine sacks is unacceptable - ZERO confidence Texas will win out - Herman better get this team on the field and start practicing tomorrow
  • I am tired of being the GOONERS BITCH. how many big 12 ships have they won?

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