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Oklahoma Sooners Football Hot Links: The throwing ability of Jalen Hurts, the Austin Kendall transfer, and more!

Also, the thought of Kyler Murray and Marquise Brown ending up as teammates at the next level is a happy one.

College Football Playoff Semifinal at the Capital One Orange Bowl - Alabama v Oklahoma Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day, friends and fans!

The Oklahoma Sooners are going to look a lot different next season without Kyler Murray and Marquise Brown headlining the offense in the fall. They formed one of the best QB-WR connections in all of college football, and the stats proved as much.

Now imagine this — Murray to Brown, only this time instead of Hollywood, it’s his cousin, seven-time Pro-Bowler Antonio Brown. Actually, you don’t have to imagine it at all, just watch this:

Could this be a real possibility during the 2019-20 NFL season? There are a lot of variables that would have to fall in place first, obviously. Currently, the Pittsburgh Steelers hold the No. 20 overall pick, and they’re not a team looking to spend a first round pick on a QB this year. Also, Brown’s future in the Steel City is rather cloudy. Depending on where he possibly lands would also determine if he’d become Murray’s go-to receiving target.

In any case, this is the NFL, so no matter where Murray ends up being drafted, he’ll likely have a complete stud among his receiving corps. This particular connection would make for some of the juiciest headlines simply because Murray spent so much time slinging it to Marquise, Antonio’s younger cousin. For now, we have to wait and see what happens, but in the meantime, let’s hope for even more practice moments like this. How about calling up Sterling Shepard for the next practice sesh?

Now onto this MLK Day edition of Hot Links! Jalen Hurts throws the Horns down, Damien Williams has a big night, the Rams refreshingly recognize a bad no-call in their favor and more!

OU Links

  • Caleb McCourry of the OU Daily detailed Lincoln Riley’s statements on the Austin Kendall transfer and the media storm that followed when the QB was initially blocked from immediate eligibility if he chose to transfer in conference. At the end of the day, Riley claims it came down to the ‘human element’.
  • Lincoln Riley also spoke on Jalen Hurts’ leadership that he showed throughout his time at Alabama on and off the field, and how that could translate as he transitions to Oklahoma.
  • One of the concerns some fans have had with Hurts joining the team revolves around his throwing ability. News OK’s Ryan Aber broke down what Riley had to say on the matter. From what he’s seen, Hurts has indeed progressed as a passer.
  • This picture speaks to me on a spiritual level. Ladies and gentlemen, Spencer Rattler and Jalen Hurts turning those Horns down, where they belong.
  • The Norman Transcript’s Clay Horning wrote about DC Alex Grinch and the expectations he faces as well as puts on himself. If he can simply transform Oklahoma’s defense into a better-than-bad unit across the board, he’ll prove to be a good hire. As for what he wants from this group — takeaways.
  • The Tulsa World’s Eric Bailey also wrote about Grinch from Sunday’s press conference. The Sooners’ new DC promises a sense of urgency from his side of the ball that will be unmatched as it strives to improve at all levels.
  • In nearly four years later, another display of racist behavior from OU students was captured on camera and has circulated all social media platforms. Several football players have expressed their thoughts on both the content of the video itself as well as President Jim Gallogly’s handling of it. Tulsa World’s Guerin Emig has more on the subject.
  • Former Sooner running back Damien Williams had a huge fourth quarter in the AFC Championship Game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the New England Patriots. He finished with 15 touches for 96 yards from scrimmage and three touchdowns, including this go-ahead score in the fourth quarter. The Pats went on to win in OT, but it was a valiant effort and a heck of a game by Williams nevertheless.
  • I never knew Cooper Manning was so entertaining as the host of his own baking show. If this ever became a real thing, I’d tune in, especially if he continued to bring on guests like Baker Mayfield. This is an absolute must-watch, folks.

Around the Sports World

  • So the Los Angeles Rams beat the New Orleans Saints in OT to advance to the Super Bowl, but if you ask the L.A. players, they realize they benefitted from a horrible no-call that could have led to a NOLA win.
  • Since the Big 12 conference is not composed of divisions, how does the league stack up against the rest of college football’s divided counterparts? The answer might surprise you.
  • Texas A&M Football is poised to have a break-out season in 2019. I mean, the Aggies are looking at another painful campaign this fall. Actually, either outcome is entirely possible and could be logically argued. So what’ll it be, Jimbo Fisher?
  • Normally, tennis announces the lower ranked player to come out to the court first, so at the Australian Open, Serena Williams thought she was supposed to come out second. That didn’t happen, and it made for quite the awkward moment.
  • Valentine’s Day is a few weeks away, and if you’re into that sort of thing, that means you should probably start planning a gift idea soon if you want to avoid a last-minute catastrophe. Does you significant other love sports? If so, check out these great gift ideas your loved one is sure to, well, love!

Stick to Sports!

  • Martin Luther King Jr. would have been 90 years old if he were still alive today. How are some celebrating one of the most influential Americans in our nation’s history? From a memorial breakfast in Washington D.C. to one of the largest marches in San Antonio, millions use this day to remember the iconic MLK.
  • Edgar Wright, the film director who brought us Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, and The World’s End, is working on a psychological horror-thriller that will be unique to his usual work if only because it won’t be rooted in comedy. It’s unclear if Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, two actors who have routinely co-starred in Wright’s films, will be part of this new project in some capacity, but judging from the horror elements in his previous movies, I’d imagine this director could put together a solid fright film.

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