Your Thoughts on Texas Beating Georgia

Part of me didn't want to watch this game, but like driving by a car wreck, you automatically turn your head and try not to ram the guy ahead of you. Trying to pick a team to root for was challenging. Go for the Big 12 team. They're our guys. Or, go for any team that can beat our arch rival, Texas. Even the Bulldogs who ruined our natty run last year.

I flip flopped at times, to be honest. And, I listened to the announcers who kept talking up Texas and how they are "almost back." That got me to thinking how their win in the Sugar Bowl and our (ahem) loss in the Orange is being perceived. Never mind the fact that we beat them for the Big 12 championship. THEY BEAT THE SEC TEAM!

Will that have any effect on their recruiting or ours? Will it give them a big boost of confidence going into next year's play?

What are your thoughts?

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