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Oklahoma vs. UCLA: Game thread, how to watch and final thoughts

Head down to the comments section to discuss all things Oklahoma and other college football action!

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Florida Atlantic v Oklahoma Photo by Brett Deering/Getty Images

Let me begin by disclosing that I am a fan of the Philadelphia Eagles of the National Football League. I have been for more than two decades. Randall Cunningham is still my favorite football player of all time. So, naturally, I also hate Chip Kelly.

Chip Kelly ruined what could’ve been an Eagles Dream Team in 2015 that paired Sam Bradford and DeMarco Murray in what eventually became a doomed backfield playing behind a largely non-existent offensive line — much of which was the result of terrible roster moves made by the team’s de facto general manager, who also happened to be Chip Kelly.

One could actually argue Chip Kelly nearly and almost literally killed two former Sooner greats because of his arrogance and ineptitude. My only regret of the blowout he’s about to suffer on Owen Field this afternoon is that the team he brings in this season is absolute horse manure. I wish this UCLA Bruins team was a faux contender in the Pac-12, and the mighty Oklahoma Sooners, as they’ve done to so many inferior opponents in the past, hand out a loss that brings their pretend foes back down to Earth.

Head on down to the comments section for the game thread, where we’ll be asking questions, making predictions and discussing the day’s action with y’all.

Coverage Info

TV: FOX 12:00 P.M. CT

Live Stream: FoxSportsGo

TV Commentary: Gus Johnson, Joel Klatt, Jenny Taft

Radio: OU Radio / TuneIn / SXM TBD / Español

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The last time OU lost to an unranked, non-conference opponent was none other than UCLA in 2005. That Adrian Peterson-led Oklahoma team was in a year of rebuilding and just couldn’t keep up with an experienced UCLA squad led by running back Maurice Jones-Drew and tight end Mercedes Lewis. This Oklahoma juggernaut, meanwhile, is deep, hungry, loaded and hours away from likely decimating Chip Kelly’s Bruins this afternoon.

I look for much of the same balance we saw in Oklahoma’s offense last week with perhaps even more of an open playbook for the electric Kyler Murray, showcasing his natural playmaking abilities. The Chip Kelly of lightning-fast Oregon is long-gone, and college football may have caught up all the way to what used to be his innovative adaptations of a signature hyper-hurry-up offense, which was partially brought into the mainstream by the no-huddle Sooners of the late 2000s.

This young UCLA team Kelly brings into Norman in 2018 may lack some of the experience and flash of some of the former Oregon head coach’s more talented Duck squads, but it may still be capable of giving a Mike Stoops (still here, guys) defense some early trouble. But all of that should disappear by halftime when the Sooners are cruising in control.

While next season’s UCLA team will likely be much improved in Kelly’s second go-around, this edition of the Bruins is simply too overmatched against Oklahoma to warrant getting carried away with a what looks to be a breezy win against a Power 5 opponent — even if it is an afternoon full of punching down on Chip Kelly.

No, wait, this will actually be pretty fun.

OU 55, UCLA 20

In case you may have missed our podcast this week, here is episode two of Oklahoma Breakdown.

Head on down to the comments section for the game thread, where we’ll be asking questions, making predictions and discussing the day’s action with y’all.