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Oklahoma Sooners Football: Sooners hold at No. 5 in AP and Coaches Polls

Little brother moved up quite a bit and Texas is still not back

Oklahoma v Iowa State

The Oklahoma Sooners held steady at No. 5 in the latest edition of the AP and Coaches Polls. The rest of the top five all won handily, and the only movement was Georgia and Clemson flipping spots at No. 2-3. The biggest fall of the week came from Wisconsin who dropped from No. 6 all the way to No. 18 following a stunning home loss to BYU.

Elsewhere in the Big 12, Oklahoma State jumped nine spots from No. 24 to No. 15 after a decisive win over Boise State in Stillwater this Saturday. West Virginia jumped two spots to No. 12 despite not playing this week, and TCU fell two spots following its loss to Ohio State.

One thing voters in both polls got correct was not overreacting to Texas’ win over USC. Texas got 12 votes in the AP poll and 9 in the Coaches Poll. Texas is not back, folks.

Here are both polls in their entirety. Big 12 teams in bold.

AP Poll

  1. Alabama (58)
  2. Georgia
  3. Clemson (3)
  4. Ohio State
  5. Oklahoma
  6. LSU
  7. Stanford
  8. Notre Dame
  9. Auburn
  10. Washington
  11. Penn State
  12. West Virginia
  13. Virginia Tech
  14. Mississippi State
  15. Oklahoma State
  16. UCF
  17. TCU
  18. Wisconsin
  19. Michigan
  20. Oregon
  21. Miami (FL)
  22. Texas A&M
  23. Boston College
  24. Michigan State
  25. BYU

Coaches Poll

  1. Alabama (60)
  2. Clemson (2)
  3. Georgia
  4. Ohio State (1)
  5. Oklahoma
  6. LSU
  7. Stanford
  8. Notre Dame
  9. Penn State
  10. Virginia Tech
  11. Auburn
  12. Washington
  13. West Virginia
  14. Mississippi State
  15. Oklahoma State
  16. Wisconsin
  17. TCU
  18. UCF
  19. Oregon
  20. Miami (FL)
  21. Michigan
  22. Texas A&M
  23. Michigan State
  24. Boise Stae
  25. Boston College