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2018 Oklahoma Sooners Countdown to Kickoff | 23 Days!

Allen Patrick had speed to burn, and you better believe he left it all on the field.

Oklahoma v Oregon Photo by Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images

What’s going on, Sooner fans? Let’s get right back at it again with the latest update on our Countdown to Kickoff! As of today, there are 23 days left to go before the 2018 Oklahoma Sooners begin to show us what they’re made of. Speaking of 23, how about I take a look back on a player who may not be at the top of the annals of Oklahoma football lore, but certainly one who left it all on the field with each and every chance. The guy I’m talking about is running back Allen Patrick.

The Conway, South Carolina native began his Sooner career in 2005 after playing one year as a safety at Independence Community College (shout-out to “Last Chance U”!). After transferring to Oklahoma, he ended up making the switch to offense during the 2005 season. To put it simply, the dude could flat-out run.

You know what else Allen Patrick could do? He could recover an onside kick. I won’t derail this entire post to talk about the worst call ever, but c’mon now. Amid all the chaos, Patrick was indeed the one to finally recover the ball in Eugene, Oregon, but for some reason the officials decided not to pay attention. Oh well.

For three seasons, Patrick shared the backfield with some all-time talent. From ‘05 to ‘06, AP played behind the legendary Adrian Peterson, and even started half the season in 2006 when Peterson was sidelined for a while after suffering a broken collarbone. During that time span, he pulled off one of the most impressive runs in OU history, which was unfortunately called back.

Then in ‘07, Patrick was a veteran example for a young, yet dynamic DeMarco Murray.

What Patrick did on the field was inspiring. For as much fanfare as some of his teammates received, all he did was go to work and pick up the slack. And he wasn’t just feasting on leftovers. No, the guy made highlight plays every Saturday. His straight-line speed was something to behold. Once he found a seam, he hit it, and he hit it hard, leaving defenders in the dust.

After three strong seasons at Oklahoma, Allen Patrick had rushed for 1,936 yards and 14 touchdowns on 367 carries. Sure, he didn’t always find himself in the spotlight, but game recognizes game, and Patrick was not just a complimentary back, he was absolutely gifted in his own right.

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