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Oklahoma Sooners Football - Report: Adrian Peterson signing with Washington Redskins

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After meeting with the Washington Redskins, it’s being reported that Adrian Peterson is signing a deal.

Jacksonville Jaguars v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

AD is back!

According to a report from NFL Network’s Ian Rappaport and Mike Garafalo, former Oklahoma Sooners running back Adrian Peterson is getting another shot in the NFL — this time with the Washington Redskins.

The Redskins have experienced a run of bad luck with injuries at the running back position, most notably with 2018 draft pick Derrius Guice suffering an ACL tear in the team’s preseason opener. Additionally Samaje Perine and Byron Marshall have been banged up, leaving the team particularly thin at the position. On Sunday evening, a Monday meeting was planned, and apparently Peterson did enough to impress management.

According to former Sooner and current Washington standout Trent Williams, Peterson reached out to him following the injury to Guice. The two spent the summer working out together (they co-own a gym in Houston), and Williams claims he’s good to go.

“I don’t understand the stigma when people get 31, 32, 33 — they somehow just slow down?” Williams said. “You don’t. That’s a gifted athlete, you know? He has a gift. Did Darrell Green ever lose his speed? He didn’t. Some things are just always with you. It’s you, it’s your makeup, it’s your DNA. … So, no, he’s the same athlete that you’re used to seeing.

“He hasn’t slowed down a step.”

Honestly, I don’t doubt that Peterson is still a better athlete than most at his position, but if you had told me two months ago that he would be on a roster at this point, I might have called you crazy. Having said that, I’m over the moon after hearing this news. He showed flashes of his Hall-of-Fame self before suffering a neck injury with the Arizona Cardinals last season, and I’d love to see him recapture a bit of magic before he hangs ‘em up for good. That’s what we all want, right? Of course. This dude has our hearts forever.

Peterson currently sits at 12,276 rushing yards for his career, which puts him at No. 12 on the all-time list. With a few decent performances in 2018, he has a chance to move up as high as No. 9. Hell, he could even pass Eric Dickerson at No. 8 if he’s somehow anything close to the guy he once was.