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Oklahoma Sooners Football: Oklahoma unveils new Jordan Brand uniforms

The Sooners will be looking fresh in 2018.

TCU v Oklahoma Getty Images

Ever since Oklahoma Athletics announced its partnership with Jordan Brand last November, fans had been itching to see if there would be any changes to the football uniforms. We now have an answer.

The primary difference you’ll notice on both the traditional and Rough Riders uniforms is the new ‘SOONERS’ and ‘OKLAHOMA’ text, a change that comes with OU’s updated font. The helmet decal on the traditional helmet is a bit thicker, as well, but that’s something we all noticed during the Spring Game. Of course, you’ll notice that Jumpman logo in place of the Nike swoosh on all four uniforms.

The Rough Riders no longer have the the armpit spikes, which is a refreshing change. They look a bit cleaner without them. You’ll also notice that the leg stripes on the Rough Riders now align a bit more with those seen on the traditional uniforms. As far as these uniforms are concerned, I was a bit surprised that OU didn’t go with a different theme. Having said that, I’ve never hated them, and the minor changes get two thumbs up.

Finally, you’ll notice those fresh Js on the feet of each player. From a recruiting perspective, this is probably the most significant change of all.

You can see all of the changes at

I wasn’t expecting anything earth-shattering here (once Sooner Tracker reported OU’s decision to stick with the Rough Riders, that is), and the changes are indeed subtle. Honestly, I’m pleased with every one of them. OU did its due diligence, heard all the feedback and made necessary changes to the Riders without overdoing it. The partnership between the Oklahoma Sooners Jordan Brand is off to a solid start. Now we’re just waiting to see those basketball unis!