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2018 Oklahoma Sooners Countdown to Kickoff | 39 Days!

Baker Mayfield was a historically efficient passer, but the man could also pick up yards with his legs.

Tulsa v Oklahoma Getty Images

What’s up, Sooner faithful? The days are starting to fly right on by as the Oklahoma Sooners are now 39 days out from kicking off the 2018 season! In today’s edition of our Countdown to Kickoff series, I’m highlighting a play from Baker Mayfield’s first season as the Sooners’ starting QB.

It was Week 3 of the 2015 season, and Oklahoma was coming off a thrilling come-from-behind double-OT win in Knoxville. At this point, the legend of Baker Mayfield was beginning to take shape across Sooner Nation. After a night of dramatics, Oklahoma fans needed a breather before jumping into conference play.

That’s where the Tulsa Golden Hurricane come in. However, the game actually turned out to be a bit of a shootout. Still, for all the plays he made for the crimson & cream, in the first quarter of this game, Mayfield recorded what would turn out to be the longest rushing touchdown of his career.

On this play, Oklahoma had trips right, and you can see how Mayfield gave his receivers a moment to run their routes. As soon as the middle of the field cleared out, he knew he couldn’t pass up the opportunity for the big gain.

Dede Westbrook made a key block down the field to ensure Mayfield reached the end zone. Knowing what we know now, it’s pretty cool to see Westbrook, Sterling Shepard and Joe Mixon all come together as Mayfield’s personal convoy for six.

What made Baker Mayfield such a dynamic player was that he combined pinpoint accuracy with ridiculous elusiveness in the pocket. But he also proved time and time again that he could actually pick up chunks of yardage with his legs if ever he needed to. If his passing options were covered, or an opening presented itself, Mayfield was not hesitant to call his own number. Shoot, he was sometimes effective on designed runs, as well.

No, he’s not a burner. He ran a 4.84 at the NFL Combine. However, opposing defenses were always aware of the threat he posed not just as a scrambler, but as someone who could actually gain yardage with his own two feet.

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