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Oklahoma Sooners Football Hot Links: Ben Powers crushes dreams, Greg Burks discusses new rules, and more!

Also, Lincoln Riley discussed the importance of improved defensive recruiting at Day 1 of Big 12 Media Days.

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How’s it going, friends and fans? So Oklahoma’s part in Big 12 Media Days is wrapped up, but there were plenty of tasty soundbites and fun interactions with the players and Lincoln Riley to help us survive until fall camp starts. Among those soundbites, senior offensive guard Ben Powers delivered the quote of the day when talking about the source of his motivation.

“...I love taking a man’s dreams and crushing them.”

Is this Ben Powers or Ivan Drago? I mean... how can you not love this guy? His former QB, Baker Mayfield, likes what he hears, too!

How epic was that? For starters, Powers’ calm demeanor throughout his statement is utterly chilling. Plus, the man stares directly into the camera, almost like he’s staring straight through the souls of his future victims. I’d hate to have to deal with Powers for an entire game. Some poor, unfortunate D-lineman is going to have nightmares for a while.

Now onto today’s Hot Links! Lincoln Riley believes this could be the most talented team he’s been a part of at Oklahoma, Kenneth Murray is slowly reaching his personal goals, Bryce Harper wins the HR Derby and more!

OU Links

  • Don’t forget to check out our videos of Lincoln Riley and the players from Day 1 of Big 12 Media Days. Coach and the guys had a lot of fun (or pretended to have a lot of fun) dishing on the upcoming season amid the media frenzy.
  • The Sooners had a fun time in Frisco on Monday for Big 12 Media Days. Ben Powers gave a run down on the latest Jordan Brand gear, and the media frenzy took off from there.
  • Staying with Ben Powers, the Wichita native was overlooked as a recruit coming out of high school, so he took the junior college route. Now he’s starting for the Oklahoma Sooners, but he still carries a big chip on his shoulder.
  • New Big 12 Coordinator of Officials Greg Burks spoke with the media on Day 2 of Big 12 Media Days, and the major points Burks touched upon included an immediate 40-second clock following a touchdown to speed up the game, a fair catch on kickoffs inside the 25 that will set the ball at the 25, and an emphasis on uniform regulations. Pull down the jerseys and cover them knees, gentlemen.
  • Lincoln Riley raised some eyebrows when he mentioned that the 2018 team could be the most talented group yet in his four seasons in Norman. Even though Oklahoma loses Heisman Trophy winner Baker Mayfield, and no Sooners made preseason All-Big 12 defense, when you break it down, his argument still looks legit.
  • Most presume Kyler Murray will be the starter when Oklahoma takes the field on Sept. 1 (count me among that group), but Lincoln Riley has held firm that it’s still an on-going competition. While it might seem like simple coach speak, Riley knows he has to keep his QBs engaged for the position’s long-term success.
  • Rodney Anderson wore his Big 12 Championship ring proudly at Big 12 Media Days, and he also spoke about his insane jumping ability with the Fox Sports crew.
  • Kenneth Murray spoke about redshirt freshman defensive back Justin Broiles. Broiles’ reputation for being a trash talker is growing, but Murray recognizes Broiles as a film room junkie like himself. I sense a pattern with some of these guys on defense, and I’m liking it.
  • Speaking of Kenneth Murray, RJ Young wrote about Murray’s personal goal check-list that he has for himself. After being thrust into a position he had never played before, and having to lead a defense as a true freshman, Murray now feels more equipped to handle that leadership mantle.
  • Oklahoma’s offense has been at a championship level for years, especially under Lincoln Riley’s watch, but the defense has been lacking to say the least. Riley says that can change through recruiting, and that the strength of the defense is with the underclassmen.
  • Kirk Bohls of the Austin American-Statesman writes about how Oklahoma is saying goodbye to Baker Mayfield, but not to being the standard of the Big 12. Lincoln knows his team has what it takes to make it back to the College Football Playoff, and while the offense will look different, the rest of the conference will still have their hands full with the Sooners.
  • Speaking of the CFP, the Big 12’s best chance at making football’s final four still resides in Norman, and Lincoln Riley is the key.
  • Riley was asked about his comments regarding defense in the Big 12, and he felt it was blown out of proportion. For all the ways Riley is similar to Bob Stoops, I don’t anticipate Riley taking any direct shots at the SEC any time soon.
  • With all the talented and prolific receivers Oklahoma has seen take the field in recent years, AP writer Cliff Brunt notes an interesting point about Marquise Brown, who is the first Sooner receiver to return for another season after recording 1,000 yards since Ryan Broyles in 2011. I hope he repeats and then some!

Around the Sports World

  • Washington Nationals outfielder Bryce Harper won the 2018 Home Run Derby on his home field last night. The dude can straight smash the stitching out of a baseball.

Stick to Sports!

  • Check out the teaser promo for the third season of Netflix’s Stranger Things. It’s a nearly perfect representation of 80’s flare at the fictional ‘Starcourt Mall.’ You can just feel that things are about to hit the fan, but where they’ll go with it? You’ll have to stay tuned to find out.

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