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University of Oklahoma Board of Regents approves design phase of new softball stadium and facility

Patty Gasso’s program appears destined for a new, state-of-the-art home.

Shay Knighten celebrates with the Sooners after recording a double play
Shay Knighten celebrates with the Sooners after recording a double play
Rich DeCray

The University of Oklahoma Board of Regents held its annual meeting Tuesday morning, and among the proposals addressed concerned OU Softball. In particular, Patty Gasso and the dynastic Oklahoma Sooners were thinking renovations to Marita Hynes Park were on the way. Instead, Joe Castiglione announced the design phase for a brand new, state of the art softball facility has been approved, with an estimated cost at around $22 million.

Patty Gasso released a statement in light of the big news:

Currently, the Oklahoma softball team plays on Jenkins Avenue, just south of Gaylord Memorial Stadium. The newly proposed facility is expected to be built on the northwest corner of Jenkins and Imhoff, just south of the old stadium.

Sooner fans have routinely sold out home softball games, even with added bleachers during the regular season. The new stadium is expected to increase Oklahoma’s seating capacity from roughly 1,700 to 3,000.

This is great news for all fans, old and new, who want to experience OU softball. It also stands as a testament to the growth and strength of the program, and promises to make OU softball the gold standard in the sport. As for Patty Gasso, it speaks volumes for her contributions to both the school and the sport. It’s well-deserved development after all she’s accomplished.

To be clear, the stadium construction itself will have to be approved at a later date, but the approval of a design plan is a huge step.

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