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Oklahoma Sooners Football Recruiting: RJ’s Thoughts - What Spencer Rattler says about not having five-star status (yet)

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Spencer Rattler is the top QB in what is considered a down year at the position. He doesn’t have five stars (yet), but that doesn‘t bother him too much.

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There isn’t a single five-star quarterback in the 2019 class. Feels wrong. Feels ridiculous. Feels traaaaash.

However, neither Rivals nor 247 Sports currently believe one of the best players in the country is a quarterback. In a piece earlier this month, SB Nation recruiting director Bud Elliot wrote about how it’s not just the recruiting services who believe this. He quoted source after source who said things like:

“This is a bad year to need a QB.”

“It’s the worst I’ve ever seen. It’s like the position skipped a year.”

“I’d take six guys from last year’s class over anyone out here.”

“The bottom sucks, too. The whole class just doesn’t have it, compared to what we usually get.”

So that’s a stack of fellas who don’t believe Florida State commit Sam Howell, Alabama commit Taulia Tagovailoa or Oklahoma Sooners commit Spencer Rattler don’t have the measurables, raw football talent or WOW-factor that earned OU commit Theo Wease and top safety prospect Dax Hill five-star status.

And even with those three quarterbacks I’ve referenced—top QBs any program wouldn’t thumb their nose at—the consistent knock on them is that they are short and small. And, by short, I mean they’re roughly 6-feet tall and around 200 pounds as high school seniors. Which is neither short nor small to most folks.

But that‘s still considered diminutive in big-time football. But even Elliot conceded a 6-foot, 200-pound quarterback just won the Heisman and was the No. 1 overall pick in the biggest big-time league there is. So measurables don’t count for squat if you can hit a shoe box 50 yards down the field against the best competition you can play against like Baker Mayfield, and, yes, Spencer Rattler.

Rattler’s resume now includes a consensus stamp as the best quarterback in the biggest quarterback competition on the planet: Nike’s Elite 11 Finals and an invitation to The Opening Finals later this month.

This after a junior season where he flat-out raked. He threw for 3,946 yards and 45 touchdowns while rushing for an additional 250 yards and four TDs on the ground.

He also can catch, win a basketball state title, cleans the cat box and can probably fix the sprinkler system in 100-degree heat. Then he’ll drop another dime 40 yards down field between two defenders. He’s even had to bat back rumors about visiting Texas A&M. Rivals national recruiting analyst Adam Gorney called Rattler the best quarterback in the 2019 class.

“Rattler effortlessly throws the deep ball to his receivers in stride,” Gorney wrote. “[H]e can make tough throws into tight windows where only his receivers can get them and he does an excellent job of dodging pressure in the pocket and finding an open player down the field.”

That’s five-star skill.

Apparently, there are just too many people who believe that just isn’t enough for Rattler—or any quarterback in the 2019 class to join Wease, Hill and others as one of the best high school football players in the world.

To be fair, don’t be surprised to see Rattler’s skills win out on one of recruiting’s biggest stages — The Opening Finals at The Star in Frisco. Concerns about short stature and slight frame could be set aside if he shows out in front of the folks who make the decisions about stars and rankings.

As for Rattler, he just continues to play.

“To be honest I really don’t care,” Rattler told me. “But I know I should have that 5th star. But I’m not trippin’. Let the OU fans know I’m comin’! Love y’all! .”

He’s not here for a five-star title. He’s here to win titles.