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Oklahoma Sooners Football Hot Links: The opening line for Oklahoma’s opener against FAU, the Austin Seibert butt tattoo, and more!

Also, OU hoops has announced its matchup against USC in Tulsa.

Oklahoma v Oklahoma State Photo by Brett Deering/Getty Images

Happy Monday, friends and fans! So we all know Baker Mayfield was the big man on campus for the past few seasons, but what you may not have known is that kicker/punter Austin Seibert was just as big time in at least one fan’s eyes. In fact, this guy went all in for Seibert by getting a tattoo of his autograph and jersey number on his...right cheek.

Apologies for sharing this right before lunch.

Were drinks involved in this decision? Possibly. Was this the result of a lost bet? Perhaps. Is this the perfect built-in icebreaker that’ll be sure to generate engaging conversation for a lifetime? You bet your tattooed ass it is.

I wonder if this will become a trend. Probably not, but if it does, I call dibs on Bookie’s name and number. It’s too late, I already called it.

Now onto this week’s Monday edition of Hot Links! Jocelyn Alo is steadily becoming a household name, the Sooners and the Trojans are officially set to meet on the hardwood again this December, Steph Curry reminds us which house is his and more!

OU Links

  • After hitting two home runs in the Norman Regional, freshman phenom Jocelyn Alo now leads the nation with 26 dingers on the season. Alo has already made a name for herself locally, but now that she’s doing it on the big stage, her name is going national.
  • Now this is some next-level analytics. Check out how the Sooner Softball Squad has fared in each of the uniform combinations worn this season. With only three losses on the year, there’s obviously been a good amount of success no matter which uni combo was worn, but some are certainly more fruitful than others.
  • John Shinn explores the possibility of two-tight end sets for the upcoming football season. Grant Calcaterra will be the starting tight end in 2018, but since he’ll often line up in the slot ala Mark Andrews, we may have to wait a while before we see those types of sets make a regular appearance.
  • Weeks ago it was reported, but now it’s official. The USC Trojans are coming to Tulsa to take on the Oklahoma Sooners at the BOK Center on December 15th.
  • Four-star running back Marcus Major out of Millwood High School is taking a more deliberate approach towards making his college decision, but the Sooners are in a solid position to acquire the talents of the rising back.

Around the Sports World

  • So UCF is claiming to be 2017 national champs, but there are 22 other teams that can also use some unique arguments to claim the 2017 national title, including teams like Tennessee and Nebraska. Just check it out for yourself.
  • Former five-star quarterback recruit Hunter Johnson is reportedly seeking a transfer from Clemson with Kelly Bryant firmly entrenched as the starter. So where could Johnson land next?
  • Steph Curry looked like the Steph Curry we all know in last night’s route over Houston. Curry was pretty pumped, and I can tell because I’m an excellent lip reader. Since the clip has gone viral, Curry’s mother has said she wants to wash his mouth out with soap. Gotta love moms.
  • Slovenian guard Luka Doncic has long been considered the best bet to go No. 1 overall in next month’s NBA Draft, but how far could Doncic slide if the Phoenix Suns decide to pass on him for someone else?
  • Catch of the year? I’m kidding, obviously, but this New York Mets ball boy looks ready to go if he gets his number called.

Stick to Sports!

  • So years ago it was determined the Pluto is not a planet, bringing our solar system’s total count to eight instead of nine. Now there is growing evidence that there is a ninth planet in the outer reaches of the Milky Way. It’s unconfirmed at this point, but astronomers are calling this hypothesized “super-Earth” ‘Planet Nine.’ Screw Iceland, I know where I want to take my next vacation now.

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