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Oklahoma Sooners Hot Links: Men’s golf leads Norman Regional, softball sells out, and more!

The Sooners are playing some quality golf on their home course.

U.S. Amateur Championship Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images

How’s it going, Sooner Nation? Remember when Trey Sermon suffered that nasty-looking injury early on in the Spring Game? Fortunately, Lincoln Riley felt confident that Trey would be just fine. Now if that wasn’t enough to ease your worries, check out Sermon going through some footwork and agility drills. I think it’s safe to say this stud running back is feeling quite alright:

Now onto today’s Hot Links! A fan has an interesting idea for how OU and Nebraska can play each other more frequently, OU men’s golf leads the Norman Regional after the first round, Lon Kruger and the Oklahoma Sooners will host the USC Trojans in Tulsa and more!

OU Links

  • Tickets for the Norman Regional officially sold out yesterday, just one day after going on sale. Sooner Nation absolutely loves this softball team, and the overwhelming support continues to show in a big way. Boomer!
  • After the opening round of the Norman Regional, Oklahoma led the field by five strokes. The Sooners are competing for a chance to win back-to-back national championships, and that all starts with advancing past this regional. As of this moment, they’ve added to that and currently lead Auburn by nine strokes. You can follow along here.
  • OU-Nebraska is one of the most storied rivalries in the history of college football, but unfortunately it’s been a thing of the past for several years now. Fans on both sides of the rivalry would like to see it return in a more consistent manner, but we’ll all have to settle for the handful of non-conference meetings scheduled for the coming years.
  • One of the best to ever come through Norman can now add college graduate to his long list of achievements. Check out this awesome thing on the record-holder himself, Samaje Perine.
  • Ogbo Okoronkwo is looking good with that No. 45 jersey. I couldn’t be happier for the guy. Now put some QBs on the ground, Double O!
  • Sooner Basketball played USC last season at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, and the now the return game has been schedule for December 15th at the BOK Center in Tulsa.

Around the Sports World

  • The NBA Draft Lottery is tonight, which will set in place the order for the upcoming NBA Draft. The Phoenix Suns have the highest probability of attaining the No. 1 overall pick. Check this out to find out what the chances are for the rest of the teams in the lottery pool.
  • Cleveland Browns head coach Hue Jackson is a man of his word. After going winless in 2017, Jackson is going to jump into Lake Erie on June 1st. This would have been much more brutal in January, but nevertheless, good for Coach. Also, he’s doing it for a cause, which is always commendable for anybody with his resources and platform.
  • The intensity of the rivalries in college football are second to none. There are also some great rivalries in the NFL, but none of them seem to approach the level of animosity of an Alabama-Auburn or an Ohio State-Michigan. However, there is one thing that the NFL could do to make its rivalries more special, and it has to do with reformatting the schedule.
  • Chuck ‘The Iceman’ Liddell says he’s coming out of retirement with plans to fight in the UFC again. Liddell is an all-time legend in MMA, and if he and Tito Ortiz square off once again, there’s no way I’m missing that.
  • When it comes to West Virginia Football, the receiver most people will be talking about this fall will be David Sills V. The dude caught a ton of TD passes last season, and he and his QB are back for more. But the Mountaineer receiver that should probably receive just as much attention is Anthony DelPercio. I tell you what, Mike Gundy has nothing on this Arkansas Waterfall.

Stick to Sports!

  • For two years, a family in China had been raising what they believed to be a Tibetan Mastiff. When their little bundle of joy grew to be over 250 pounds and displayed a talent for walking on its hind legs, that’s when they realized their dog was no dog at all, but actually an Asiatic Black Bear. The bear has since been handed over to a local wildlife rescue center. These kinds of stories always blow my mind. How did it take two years for anybody to finally realize it’s not a dog? Amazing stuff.

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