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Oklahoma Sooners Football Hot Links: Samaje Perine, Dede Westbrook and others set to attend 2018 Spring Game

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Plenty of NFL Sooners will be in Norman on April 14.

Arizona Cardinals v Washington Redskins Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

How it going, Sooner fans? Now you’ve probably been hearing about all the attractions to this year’s Spring Game. From the Trace Adkins pre-game concert, to the race against Hollywood Brown. The list of expected visitors is growing by the day as well. Check this out:

Legendary former Oklahoma Sooners head coach Barry Switzer aka The King will be in the building during the Spring Game on April 14th, and Super Bowl champ Lane Johnson will be there as well. Switzer still looks like he can coach a team to half a hundred on some folks in the Cotton Bowl, and for a second I thought Lane Johnson had finally turned himself into an actual dog (kidding).

Like I said, the list of notable attendees for the Spring Game is growing larger and larger. Every year there’s a handful of guys you may recognize, but this year it seems like just about anybody who’s anybody is going to be there. Don’t be that fan who’s on the fence and then decides not to come. Show up and show out, Sooners!

Now for today’s edition of Hot Links! Trey Sermon should be even better in 2018, the Sooner offensive line wants to win the Joe Moore Award, LeBron James and Nick Saban are strangely at odds with each other and more!

OU Links

  • 2016 Biletnikoff winner and Heisman Trophy finalist Dede Westbrook is also coming to the Spring Game on April 14th. Join Westbrook and the rest of Sooner Nation in what should be one of the most talked about Spring Games yet! I have a feeling it’s going to be quite a hoot.
  • Oklahoma’s all-time leader in rushing yards, Samaje Perine, is also going to be in attendance. What a day it should be with so many legends in the house all at once. Also, Perine is looking extra stout!
  • Will former OU safety and current Baltimore Ravens standout Tony Jefferson be there, as well? Yurrrrp!
Tony Jefferson on Twitter
  • CBS Sports’ Barton Simmons says Kyler Murray can produce in a Baker Mayfield way if he takes over as the starting QB. That’s an awful lot to ask of someone, but Kyler is a unique talent who can do things that few others can.
  • Trey Sermon became a household name in his true freshman season, and according to running backs coach Jay Boulware, Sermon is now faster, just as powerful, and the best pass protector out of all the running backs. The third attribute is something that’ll earn him plenty of extra snaps.
  • The Joe Moore Award is a relatively new honor that is awarded to the nation’s best offensive line. Last season, Oklahoma’s O-line justifiably felt snubbed for not even being named a finalist. This time around, it’s a goal that the linemen aren’t shy about working towards.
  • Speaking of the offensive line, while Orlando Brown’s draft stock took a major hit at the NFL Combine, after taking a closer look at what he’s accomplished on the field, it’s clear that he has the ability to have a successful career as a pro.
  • Oklahoma baseball took down Oral Roberts on the road for another resume-boosting win. Kyler Murray drove in the final two runs of the game in the ninth, sealing the deal over the Golden Eagles.
  • This just in: Oklahoma’s series with Iowa State has been moved from Ames to Norman due to incoming inclement weather. Get out and support the two-time defending national champions on Sunday and Monday!

Around the Sports World

  • It’s Masters week! Get a load of this dude’s impersonations. The Tiger one is incredible.
  • Alabama released a video segment called ‘Shop Talk’ recently, which involved Nick Saban and some former Crimson Tide players. In the segment, everybody discusses all sorts of topics in a barbershop setting. The issue now is that LeBron James had a very similar thing going on called ‘The Shop’, and now it’s become a legal matter on a question of possible infringement. Here’s what Nick Saban had to say about the matter:

LeBron James was asked to address the topic as well, and he feels like Nick Saban and Alabama are outside of their rights to produce their ‘Shop Talk’ based on the notion that its premise is stolen from ‘The Shop.’ Is it just me or is it getting a little testy in here?

Stick to Sports!

  • According to several of its competitors, Apple is behind when it comes to the state of the artificial intelligence used in its devices. That might be changing now, as Apple has hired former Google chief of search and A.I. John Giannandrea. Silicon Valley is all about these guys, and Giannandrea is right at the top as far as his renown and credentials are concerned. Who knows, maybe within the next year or so, Siri will become an actual person under his watch. I’m kidding. Kind of.

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