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Oklahoma Sooners Football Hot Links: What they’re saying about Baker Mayfield going to the Cleveland Browns as the No. 1 overall pick in the 2018 NFL Draft

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There are obviously a lot of mixed reactions, but that’s to be expected.

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Happy Friday, friends and fans! So the first round of the 2018 NFL Draft is in the books, and of course, our very own Baker Mayfield went No. 1 overall to the Cleveland Browns! Congratulations on an incredible journey, Mayfield. From walk-on to first pick, just wow. Anyways, Mayfield’s previous celebrity status is only going to skyrocket from here, especially if he brings the Browns out of the dumps and turns them into a legit contender.

Soon after the first pick was announced, Mayfield and company held an video interview with Jimmy Kimmel. Kimmel throws some mad shade at the city of Cleveland, but it’s all in good fun. Definitely worth a watch for all you Mayfield fans (which should be everybody by now).

Now onto today’s Hot Links! There were plenty of reactions of all kinds to the Browns drafting Mayfield. Skip Bayless likes the pick, Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman think the Browns could have waited longer to draft Mayfield, a new Mayfield t-shirt is sure to fly off the shelves and more!

OU Links

  • Here’s the moment Mayfield found out he was going No. 1 overall. The dual videos of the Browns and Mayfield make this that much sweeter. That’s my quarterback!
  • A further look into the moment when Mayfield found out the Browns were going to draft him with the No. 1 pick reveals how much this meant for Mayfield. Cleveland GM John Dorsey heard how emotional Mayfield was over the phone, and that was all he needed to hear to know his true character.
  • Dorsey also has no concerns about the “antics” in Mayfield’s past, and that trust was a big reason why the Browns chose to go with Mayfield.
  • USA Today’s Mike Jones writes about how the Cleveland Browns never saw Baker Mayfield in the same negative light that other teams may have. Instead, the Browns saw Mayfield as an outlier for all the right reasons.
  • If there was ever a good reason to wear orange as a Sooner fan, this is it. Thank you, Baker, for being the G.O.A.T.
  • And Mayfield is officially the first former walk-on to go No. 1 in the NFL Draft. What a story.
  • It’s true, the NFL loves Lincoln Riley’s offense. Hopefully we get to keep Riley for ourselves for the next couple decades or so.
  • Skip Bayless says the Baker Mayfield selection can be good-to great for Cleveland, and that it was the right decision to draft Mayfield over the other QBs.
  • Troy Aikman knows a thing or two about playing QB in the NFL, and not only does Aikman think concerns about Mayfield’s height are overrated, he also thinks Mayfield will do well as a pro.
  • Stephen A. Smith, Max Kellerman and Todd McShay talk about the Browns picking Mayfield first overall and whether or not they could have waited to pick him later.
  • Some Cleveland fans (that are probably also Ohio State fans) didn’t seem too thrilled when it was announced that the Browns drafted Mayfield. They’ll learn to love him.
  • Kirk Herbstreit has a message for Browns fans who may be feeling a bit down after this pick. Herbstreit says Mayfield is the blue collar type that Cleveland fans can relate to, so he will fit right in.
  • In case anybody was still on the fence on how to feel about the Browns picking Mayfield, at the end of the day, Cleveland made the right call. Sometimes you have to go with what you know and not what you project.
  • Baker Mayfield’s Cleveland Browns host Patrick Mahomes’ Kansas City Chiefs this November in what should be a sneaky good under-the-radar game. If you recall, the last time these two QBs dueled it out, an offensive explosion went off in Lubbock. I think there’s a pretty good chance of Baker being the starter by then.
  • Mayfield should be raking in the cash now that he’s been selected with the No. 1 pick. It’s being reported at a guaranteed minimum of $32.5 million.
  • Plus, there’s a $300K bonus for going first overall!
  • Baker Mayfield may not have been present at the NFL Draft last night, but 2018 signee tight end Brayden Willis (No. 7) was in the house. Check him out behind Roger Goodell.

Around the Sports World

  • So how would Bill Connelly grade each pick of the first round? Either too high, too low, or just right. You ought to check this out.
  • QB Josh Rosen was drafted by the Arizona Cardinals at No. 10, which is quite a bit lower than most had predicted. By the looks of this quote, it appears he’s already carrying a massive chip on his shoulder.
  • Last night marked the first time two brothers were both drafted in the first round of the same draft. Tremaine Edmunds was selected by the Bills, and his brother Terrell was taken by the Steelers. Awesome stuff.
  • Whether or not Lamar Jackson is the future at QB for the Baltimore Ravens, his selection does appear to mean that Joe Flacco’s days as a Raven are numbered.
  • This list of the eight types of people who crop up during the NFL Draft is spot freaking on. I feel like I know each of these types of people, and yes, most of them are very annoying.
  • Maybe the highlight of the night was seeing Ryan Shazier walking to announce the Pittsburgh Steelers’ first round pick. What an incredible miracle it is to see him with so much mobility after a devastating injury. That’s Shazier strong.

Stick to Sports!

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