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Oklahoma Sooners Football: 15-year-old James Woods scores TD at Spring Game

James Woods, a patient at the OU Children’s Hospital who cannot play sports due to an rare brain tumor, scored a 29-yard touchdown at Oklahoma’s Spring Game.

NCAA Football: Oklahoma Spring Game Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Oklahoma’s Spring Game was a bit slow for the most part, but a great moment occurred following at the conclusion of the first half when James Woods — a 15-year-old patient at the Jimmy Everest Center who is unable to play sports due to an rare brain tumor — was given an opportunity to shine on Saturday at Owen Field. After taking a handoff from quarterback Kyler Murray, Woods scored a 29-yard TD for the Oklahoma Sooners and was subsequently mobbed by his teammates. The arrangement was made by Special Spectators, who host VIP all-access sports experiences for kids suffering from serious illness.

This kind of thing has a way of forcing you throw cynicism out the window and appreciate the impact collegiate athletics has on the lives of millions of fans across the country. Being out on the field with the Oklahoma Sooners would be cool for anyone, but it’s a particularly special moment for James and his family. On a day that included plenty of fanfare (the Bob Stoops statue dedication, former players returning, etc.), this easily took the cake. Way to go, James!