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Oklahoma Sooners Hot Links: Sooners squarely on the bubble following loss to Oklahoma State

Bracket analysts have 18-13 Sooners right on the NCAA Tournament bubble.

NCAA Basketball: Big 12 Conference Tournament-Oklahoma vs Oklahoma State Amy Kontras-USA TODAY Sports

How’s it going, everyone? Not so great? I wonder why...

So the elephant in the room is the fact that the Oklahoma men’s basketball team dropped the ball once again last night, and looked terrible doing it. Now it’s a waiting game until Sunday, when the Oklahoma Sooners will have to sweat out the NCAA Tournament bracket announcement.

ESPN Bracketologist Joe Lunardi projects Oklahoma as one of the last four teams to make it into the NCAA Tournament. The reason is because the strength of wins from the first half of the season separates the Sooners’ resume from a lot of other teams that either finished stronger or have slightly better records. Regardless, whether Oklahoma makes the NCAA Tournament or not, the way the Sooners have played in the second half of the season makes one question if the team even deserves a spot in the Big Dance. I think it’s quite clear that that don’t deserve a spot.

Of course, it’s also important to keep in mind that Lunardi’s projections are not 100% accurate, but the committee’s view of Oklahoma’s standing shouldn’t differ too much from Lunardi’s. Also, if the list of the last four teams in were to play out exactly this way, then Oklahoma would be paired against one of the three other teams in a play-in game for the NCAA Tournament, also known as the First Four. Basically, the tournament begins one game earlier for the First Four than for the rest of the bracket. Selection Sunday is just a few days away from now, when Oklahoma’s post-season fate will finally be known.

By comparison, CBS analyst Jerry Palm also has the Sooners playing in the First Four, which is the name for the play-in games in Dayton.

Now for the rest of today’s Hot Links. Lincoln Riley answered a bunch of questions about spring football, Baker Mayfield went up against LaDainian Tomlinson in a throwing contest, Texas used Oklahoma’s ‘There’s Only One’ phrase for recruiting and more!

OU Links

  • Trae Young and Kristian Doolittle share their thoughts about where this team stands and what must be done moving forward. That probably wasn’t the last time we see this Oklahoma team, but if that kind of basketball is here to stay, it probably should be.
  • Baker Mayfield was put on the spot in this interview on NFL Total Access. Mayfield was asked to assess his NFL Combine performance, he was asked about what he thinks about the differing opinions on him, and he shared his side of the Sean McVay on a plane story.
  • Here’s Baker Mayfield in a throwing contest with Hall of Fame running back LaDainian Tomlinson. I’ll admit, while watching this, I was nervous about how Mayfield would do. I mean, he had to beat a retired running back in a throwing competition, right? Mayfield’s zip and accuracy still astounds me, and I’ve been watching it for years now.
  • Mayfield was asked a number of questions during the interviewing process at the NFL Combine, including what his favorite beer is. By all accounts, Mayfield did a nice job of representing his true self, while also showing teams that his confidence is real and certainly not a flaw.
  • Seattle Seahawk QB Russell Wilson will sit down with Baker Mayfield in a QB Camp much like Jon Gruden used to do before he went back into coaching. It should be compelling television, for sure, given the comparisons made between the two.
  • Rice graduate transfer Calvin Anderson will announce his decision this Saturday. The talented offensive tackle is choosing between Oklahoma, Auburn, Michigan and Texas. Anderson would be a very nice addition to an already strong offensive line unit, especially one that is looking to replace All-American tackle Orlando Brown.
  • Don’t forget to check out RJ’s latest thoughts here at C&C Machine. This time, RJ talks about the pro-value of Dimitri Flowers, the rising draft stock of Jordan Thomas, and the end of this basketball squad. Also, yes, we should consider Oklahoma a softball school for the next three months. The ladies are doing work!

Around the Sports World

  • I don’t know why, but something about this phrase seems awfully familiar. Oh yeah, ‘There’s only one Oklahoma.’ Good grief, find some new material, people. And to be completely honest, I’m already so tired of Tim Beck and it’s only March. Football season can’t kick-off fast enough.
  • Wow, this might go down as one of the plays of the year. Good for you, DeMar.
  • Derrick Rose has signed with the Minnesota Timberwolves, reuniting him with his former Chicago Bulls head coach Tom Thibodeau. At this point, I just hope Rose finds peace in his life. Man, what a story his will be some day.
  • Pittsburgh head basketball coach Kevin Stallings has been fired after two seasons. The Panthers went winless in conference play this season, and saw a dramatic decline in fan turnout.
  • Known by many as his Game of Thrones character ‘The Mountain’, Icelandic strongman Hafthor Bjornsson set a new world record for deadlift. British strongman Eddie Hall recently deadlifted 1,100 pounds, but I believe the difference between the two is the type of bar they used. If you haven’t checked out Born Strong on Netflix, do yourself a favor and watch it as soon as possible. Incredible stuff from these guys.

Stick to Sports!

  • Solving a Rubik’s Cube in under half a second seems impossible, even for a robot, but here’s proof that it can and has been done. Now this begs the question: can this technology really help the world in a significant way? Just spitballing here, but can somebody develop a device to write 15 page papers in under half a minute? That would do students everywhere some good, for sure.

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