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Football Recruiting Q&A with Oklahoma Sooners QB commit Spencer Rattler

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Spencer Rattler has been recruiting for the Sooners pretty heavily, and he wants to make Oklahoma’s 2019 class the best in the country.

Tulsa  v Oklahoma Photo by Brett Deering/Getty Images

Oklahoma Sooners quarterback commit Spencer Rattler is the highest-rated quarterback commit the Sooners have earned since 2005. He is the linchpin of OU’s 2019 recruiting class (which is currently ranked in the top 10) and is listed as the No. 1 pro-style QB in the 247Composite Rankings.

However, with the spring game fast approaching, our I caught up with Rattler for an in-depth interview that ranges from what he thinks about incoming quarterback Tanner Mordecai to which 2019 recruiting target he’d like to see become a Sooner.

Crimson and Cream Machine: What do you believe your best attribute is as a quarterback?

Spencer Rattler: Definitely throwing the ball. I feel like I’m the most accurate quarterback in the country. I’ve felt that since I’ve really started coming up in the ranks, I guess you could say. I feel like since I’ve thrown with some of these guys that are supposedly the top guys, I’m right up there with them if not better than most of them.

So I credit that to my quarterback coach Mike Giovando. Actually, I just got out of a training session with him right now. We just get right every Sunday, and we work on the little things, fundamentals, throwing motions—all that good stuff, footwork. I would call myself a pro-style quarterback that can definitely run. That’s what I tell people.

CCM: Which 2019 recruiting target would you like to see committed to Oklahoma who hasn’t already?

Rattler: I would love to see Theo Wease Jr. commit. He’s the top receiver in the country right now. And then Noah Cain from IMG [Academy] — their running back. Those are the top two I’m trying to get here. Theo would be a great target, and he likes OU a lot right now, and the same with Noah so that’s good.

CCM: One of the things that has been very encouraging as a Sooners fan is to see how active you are in recruiting. I wonder if that has to be with being an earlier commitment in June or just being a quarterback and trying to be a leader for your class?

Rattler: A little bit of both. I committed a little early, which is good for the quarterback position because then you can just lay back and work and also recruit other guys in your class. That’s really what I’m trying to do. Just make our 2019 class the best recruiting class in the country.

CCM: Have you spoken much with Kyler Murray, Austin Kendall or Tanner Schafer and what, if anything, do you have to say about them?

Rattler: Of course, I know Kyler Murray. I never got to meet him. I didn’t see him when I was up there, but he’s probably the best high school player of all time. He’s a great player, baseball player, too.

I’ve heard of [Tanner] Mordecai. I’ve seen him on Twitter. He’s solid, he looks like. I’m just looking forward to competing with all of them, become friends and become close with them and learn from the older guys.

CCM: How do you feel about being compared with Mordecai and the question about the quarterback battle between you?

Rattler: I’ve always liked competing, and I’m not afraid of any competition. Coach [Lincoln] Riley told me when I get up there it’s going to be a competition just like every year, he said. I’m just gonna be ready when I get up there. That’s the main goal—just be physically and mentally ready when I get up there to compete with those older guys.

CCM: Have you thought about being a two-sport athlete at Oklahoma?

Rattler: No. Everybody on Twitter keeps telling me, “You’re gonna play two sports?” No, this was my last year of basketball. People think I’m early enrolling, but I’m not gonna early enroll. I’m just working out the whole year and getting ready to get up there in the summer so I can be physically and mentally ready with the game and just all of that stuff. This was my last year of basketball, so I told myself I had to go out with a ring. And that’s what we did, so it was fun.

CCM: Do you believe you’re going to sign during the Early Signing Period?

Rattler: Yes, I think I’ll sign during the Early Signing Period because I’m 110 percent committed to OU, and nothing is changing so I’m going to sign as soon as possible.