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Oklahoma Sooners Football: Baker Mayfield is a Pro Day Sensei

Oklahoma QB Baker Mayfield rocked a look that reminded us of our childhood.

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Plenty of NFL folks were in Norman to see some former Oklahoma Sooners at OU’s pro day, and Baker Mayfield was obviously the star attraction. Mayfield didn’t disappoint, as he displayed pinpoint accuracy for Gil Brandt, John Elway, Marvin Lewis and others.

Just as notable as his performance, however, was Baker Mayfield’s attire. Did anybody else watch The Karate Kid over and over as a child? I did, and so did Baker Mayfield, apparently. Some say he looks like Ralph Macchio, while others might compare him to Johnny Lawrence (Baker would totally sweep the leg), but Baker Mayfield is Mr. Miyagi at this point, isn’t he?

The gridiron dojo requires focus and proper attire. To celebrate the look, the folks at BreakingT have designed a pretty rad t-shirt. Here are the details:

  • Available in sizes small-3XL.
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I’ve worn some of BreakingT’s shirts before, and I can definitely assure you that they are incredibly comfortable. Make sure to get yours today!