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Oklahoma Sooners Football: Oklahoma players clap back at Texas QB Sam Ehlinger over NFL Combine jab

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Sam Ehlinger decided to bring up Orlando Brown’s NFL Combine results. Marquise Brown and others weren’t having it.

NCAA Football: Oklahoma at Texas Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

We have officially reached ‘peak offseason’.

On Monday morning, Texas Longhorns linebacker Marqez Bimage decided to compliment UT strength coach Yancy McKnight by tweeting about his progress on the squat rack during his first year in Austin.

There’s certainly nothing wrong with giving your coach a shoutout in an attempt to show appreciation. However, Texas QB Sam Ehlinger decided to take it one step further by using it as an opportunity to take a shot at a rival school. Ehlinger subtweeted Orlando Brown and Oklahoma by referencing the unanimous All-American’s subpar combine performance.

During the recent NFL Scouting Combine, Brown did 14 reps on the bench press and ran one of the worst 40-yard dashes in the history of the event, so Ehlinger decided to use this as ammunition against Oklahoma and its strength and conditioning program. Oklahoma’s other participants did quite well in Indianapolis (Ogbonnia Okoronkwo did 27 reps), but Brown’s performance certainly raised some questions and eyebrows. It also isn’t much of a surprise to see a rival player tweet something of this nature during the long and boring months of the offseason.

Several Oklahoma football players, however, weren’t trying to have that.

Baker Mayfield used to throw this type of shade when he was quarterbacking the Oklahoma offense and still does to this day. However, Mayfield has always had the wins to back it up. Ehlinger, a promising young quarterback in his own right, is 0-1 against the Oklahoma Sooners and helped lead a his team to an appearance in the prestigious AdvoCare Texas Bowl. His program has also dropped six of the last eight games in the rivalry and has failed to equal Oklahoma’s season win total since 2009. On top of that, Texas hasn’t exactly been churning out draft picks in recent years — although that could very well change under the new leadership in Austin.

I like the kid’s bravado. He’s a fun player to watch, and he’ll probably inject some needed fire into a rivalry that has seen more contentious days. However, his team is probably going to need to win some meaningful games before he’s actually justified in running his mouth about a program of Oklahoma’s stature. I mean... at least beat Oklahoma State before attempting to come at the Sooners.


Until the time comes to back up his talk, we can all just sit back and enjoy the pettiness. Happy offseason, y’all!