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Oklahoma Sooners Football Hot Links: Baker Mayfield thanks OU fans, Spencer Rattler wins state title in OU socks, and more!

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Baker Mayfield made a really nice contribution the Players’ Tribune, and he spent plenty of time thanking OU fans.

NCAA Basketball: Texas at Oklahoma Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

How’s it going, Sooner fans? There’s still one day left before the on-field drills begin at the NFL Combine, where your Oklahoma Sooners will try to up their draft stock through various tests and performances. One of those Sooners will be Heisman Trophy winner Baker Mayfield. His draft stock is already pretty high, but Mayfield has a chance to solidify himself among the top players with a strong outing on the field and throughout the interview process.

And speaking of Baker Mayfield, the star QB thanked Oklahoma fans and detailed how his journey on the football field has impacted his life overall in this excellent piece from The Players’ Tribune. Mayfield spoke about growing up as a Sooner fan in the heart of Longhorn Country, sneaking onto the field after hours to work in extra practice time, and reminisced over other memorable moments from his playing career as an Oklahoma Sooner. Trust me when I say that this is an absolute must-read for all Oklahoma fans.

Now onto today’s Hot Links. As it turns out, Baker Mayfield measured in slightly taller at the NFL Combine than he did at the Senior Bowl, 2019 Sooner commit Spencer Rattler won a state title in basketball, James Harden completely humiliated Wesley Johnson and more!

OU Links

  • Pro Football Focus is at it again, and according to PFF, Baker Mayfield is the top player available in the upcoming NFL Draft. That’s some mighty high praise. Boomer!
  • Baker Mayfield’s height is once again a talking point at the NFL Combine, only this time it’s because he has now measured a quarter of an inch taller than he measured in at the Senior Bowl. In related news, his hand size actually measured slightly smaller at the combine than at the Senior Bowl. Sounds like normal fluctuation to me. They say to always measure at the same time of day (i.e. in the morning) and under the same environmental conditions.
  • Trae Young hasn’t officially stated whether this will be his one and only season with the Sooners, but he’s treating this Friday’s game like it will be his last home game at Oklahoma. What Young is saying, however, is that the team will be ready to play on Senior Night against Iowa State.
  • As far as the Big 12 Player of the Year is concerned, Trae Young may be on the outside looking in simply for the fact that his team isn’t winning enough. There’s still a chance he comes away with the honor, but the odds don’t appear to be in Young’s favor.
  • Diehards’ John Shinn answers the question about the future of the fullback position at Oklahoma. Dimitri Flowers was one of the greatest offensive weapons in all of college football, so who will be the next player or group of players to succeed him?
  • Many are touting 2019 QB commit Spencer Rattler as the future of Oklahoma Football, and I am on record of believing this kid is destined for greatness. Rattler’s high school team won the state title last night, and he contributed 18 points to boot. This is a pretty cool capture from Arizona Prep Spotlight.
  • Check out the socks he was wearing, too. Boomer Sooner all the way.
  • All five starters on Oklahoma women’s basketball team were given All-Big 12 honors, which was tops in the conference. Congratulations, ladies!
  • There’s been a change in venue for Game 1 of the Bedlam Baseball Series on April 27th. The game has been moved from Oklahoma City to Stillwater due to a scheduling conflict with the Oklahoma City Dodgers. The change will be made up for next season when the Sooners will play as the home team in the third game of the series.
  • Former Sooner offensive tackle and current Philadelphia Eagle Lane Johnson made the All-Time NFL Combine list. Players on this list are deemed to have performed the best at their respective position’s history at the NFL Combine.

Around the Sports World

  • This just happened last night, but there’s no way you haven’t seen this a million times already. Now if for some reason you haven’t, here goes James Harden reading Wesley Johnson his last rites. My goodness gracious:
  • It hasn’t been a headlining topic over the course of the past couple months, but is Sam Darnold a system QB? The connotation with that term is quite a negative one, but Darnold supporters should feel good knowing that Nick Foles and the Philadelphia Eagles just won a Super Bowl with an offense similar to the one Darnold ran at USC.
  • Ole Miss’ Marcanvis Hymon was ejected less than four minutes into the game against Kentucky. That has to be one of the quickest ejections of the season, and probably all-time.
  • Soccer superstar Neymar has a broken foot, but expects to be healthy and ready to practice in time for training camp before the start of the World Cup.
  • There are some things that are only describable as Aggie. Putting up a national champions sign in your stadium that was controversially awarded 70 years after the fact is one, for example. But how about the place that defined what it means to be an Aggie? That’s right: College Station. That Texas A&M trophy plaque with the blank year on it given to Jimbo Fisher is going to be a running meme for a while, and I know I cannot wait for every single one of them.

Stick to Sports!

  • Bridget the lioness is at the Oklahoma City Zoo, which is totally awesome. While it isn’t unheard of for a lioness to grow a mane, it is uncommon and could be a sign of an over-production of testosterone, experts say.

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