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Oklahoma Sooners Football: Cale Gundy owns Texas A&M assistant Tim Brewster on Twitter

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Tim Brewster has been running his mouth about the SEC, so Oklahoma assistant Cale Gundy decided to step in.

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Hello once again, friends and fans. I hope you all made it safely to wherever you may have had to go this morning with the torrential downpour in and around the Oklahoma City metro. Now that you’re all dry and settled, just trash the memory of that basketball game from last night and take a look at something more positive.

OU Links

  • If you’re a regular on Twitter, you may have noticed the fact that Tim Brewster has been running his mouth about the SEC quite a bit lately, recently tweeting that the Big 12 is not on the same planet as the SEC. This pretty mirrors the attitude the most Texas A&M fans whose entire identity revolves around their membership (since the program itself has never really accomplished anything on its own). Well, Cale Gundy made sure to put him in his place earlier this morning. The internet is undefeated, Tim! #NothinButFacts
  • The Davey O’Brien Award Ceremony was held in Ft. Worth last night, welcoming the latest award winner in Baker Mayfield. Mayfield was looking sharp, and former Sooner and fellow O’Brien winner Jason White was also in attendance. Two of the greatest to ever do it here on the plains side by side. Awesome stuff.
  • During a media session, Baker Mayfield was asked about where he’ll be during the NFL Draft. In true Mayfield fashion, he wants the night to be about his family, friends and coaches who helped him along the way, so he plans on being home in Austin to celebrate with them instead of AT&T Stadium in Arlington. When I grow up, I want to be as great as Baker Mayfield. Truly a stand-up guy. Now onto the Hot Links! In this rainy Tuesday edition, CBS Sports has Mayfield going No. 1 in the draft, Trae Young still believes in the Sooners’ season, and Joe Castiglione will be inducted into the Oklahoma Sports Hall of Fame!
  • Ron ‘Jaws’ Jaworski had some high praise for Baker Mayfield during his speech at the Davey O’Brien Award banquet. It’s so beneficial for Mayfield’s success at the next level when a guy like Jaws thinks so highly of him. I believe the rest of the NFL will soon see all the same qualities.
  • Speaking of high praise, Oklahoma’s Assistant Athletic Director Mike Houck had some for this Sooner themed dessert. In related news, I have a strong craving for cake and ice cream now.
  • Jason White had some fun on the night, too. Those Sooner boys never miss an opportunity to throw some shade on Texas. Also, it’s nice to see him wearing something other than those big jeans of his. Seriously, I think he’s had those since 2003.
  • Yet another mock NFL draft has Baker Mayfield going No. 1 overall to the Cleveland Browns. Baker Mayfield’s stock appears to be steadily climbing. That’s a major positive when you consider the intensity of the microscope that’s on him and all the other draftees.
  • Even after the biggest loss of the season, Trae Young met up with fans and signed autographs. By all accounts, Young is a terrific kid who deserves a nice run in March. I just hope this season isn’t completely wasted when it’s all said and done.

Around the Sports World

  • It’s crazy how much difference a year makes. Late in 2016, Heisman Trophy winner Lamar Jackson was the headliner for every college football related outlet. Now, he’s barely getting any publicity when it comes to the draft. There are even some who believe his best position is not at QB, but receiver. If you actually take the time to analyze his game, he’s actually a QB with crazy athleticism, and not just an athletic freak who plays QB.
  • Clemson 2018 signee kicker BT Potter won free Chick-fil-A for a year after being named High School Blitz Anderson Player of the Year in his home state of South Carolina. However, there is a catch: free Chick-fil-A for a year only means one free chicken sandwich per week. Still cool, but not the same.
  • Tim Brewster is annoying everybody, especially folks in the Big 12, with his contradicting bandwagon statements about ACC/SEC supremacy. Sounds like the epitome of a blowhard.
  • Oklahoma City Thunder center Steven Adams accepted an invitation to go to prom with a young lady after her proposal received 1,000 retweets. The only problem: Adams accepted the date three years too late. Better late than never, right?
  • This Moose from Canada is also a fan of the Winter Olympics. I mean, aren’t all Moose from Canada and are fans of the Winter Olympics? Don’t @ me.

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