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Oklahoma Sooners Football Hot Links: The athleticism of Brey Walker, the NFL future of Baker Mayfield, and more!

Oklahoma offensive tackle signee Brey Walker is something else, man.

Student Sports

Happy Valentine’s Day, Sooner Nation! We here at C&C Machine aren’t like those Texas Tech students from the game last night, because we have nothing but love for all of you. So kick back and enjoy some Hot Links, where you can catch up on all the latest things related to your beloved Oklahoma Sooners and then some.

Speaking of love, I’m loving what I’m seeing from Brey Walker, the five-star offensive tackle signee. Walker shows that he’s not just a big man gifted with size. Oh no, Walker doesn’t just walk. He jumps, too. Wow.

That was simply amazing. Now for this Valentine’s Day edition of Hot Links, Lincoln Riley shows off some new kicks, Sooner softball is still No. 1, Shaun White is still the G.O.A.T. and more!

OU Links

  • Lincoln Riley’s office is starting to fill up with all kinds of neat things. In this snapshot I spy a Big 12 Championship Trophy, a Heisman, and I’m willing to bet this won’t be the last time we see some sweet new Jordans in the coach’s digs.
  • So what’s the book on Baker Mayfield? The NFL evaluation process is one of the most extensive examinations in all of sports. Combine that with a player as polarizing and as scrutinized as Mayfield, and it’s no surprise as to why there are so many opinions about his prospects at the next level.
  • Toby Rowland, the voice of Sooner sports, has spoken. And I’ll add that it’s not Trae’s fault. Everybody always wants to take the media darling down.
  • If you haven’t already, make sure to check out my take on what’s wrong with the Sooners. It’s been frustrating to watch this team struggle over the past month and a half, but the problems are identifiable, and most importantly they’re fixable.
  • The Oklahoma Softball team is still on top of Division 1 in the latest poll update, receiving 31 of 32 first-place votes. Boomer!
  • Check out this sweet CeeDee Lamb highlight video. Lamb had an absolute monster year as a freshman, and should be in line to become an all Big 12 caliber player next season, if not more.
  • In case you missed it last evening, OU will be the final visit for Rice grad transfer Calvin Anderson before he makes his decision. Oklahoma’s offensive line will be in good shape regardless, but adding Anderson would be awfully nice.

Around the Sports World

  • Shaun White is just pure amesomeness. This was a fun one to watch, and I’m glad I’ll be able to tell my kids that I watched the best boarder to ever do it, do it.
  • Here’s the updated gold medal count so far in the 2018 Winter Olympics. Perhaps a couple more will be won in both men and women’s hockey? Stay tuned, folks.
  • Johnny Manziel has announced he will be joining The Spring League, a developmental league for professional football players that also serves as a scouting event. I’d be interested to see Manziel back in the NFL someday, but I would be hesitant if I were in charge of making that call.
  • The USA men’s hockey team dropped its opening game of the Olympic tournament to Slovenia 3-2 in overtime after going up 2-0. All is not lost, but in order to reach gold, the guys will have to play lights-out from this point on.
  • KG is the man, but I don’t know what was happening here, either. It’s that time of the basketball season, I suppose.

Stick to Sports!

  • This destroys my mind. I’m a huge science geek, and the idea of being able to see a single, isolated atom with the naked eye used to be unfathomable. If you take a good look at the dark beam between the two metal prongs, you should see a little speck in the center. There it is, folks, the smallest particle of any element in existence.

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