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Oklahoma Football - College Football Playoff Selection Show: How to Watch (Time, TV Channel, Live Stream)

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After Saturday’s results, Oklahoma appears to be in a great position to receive a CFP bid.

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Big 12 Championship - Texas v Oklahoma Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The Oklahoma Sooners entered the weekend ranked No. 5, defeated the No 14 team and then watched the No. 4 team fall to Alabama. Meanwhile No. 6 Ohio State looked good (but far from great) against No. 21 Northwestern in the Big Ten Championship. As hard as some are trying to turn this into a contentious issue (you’ll see it on ESPN today), this isn’t that complicated.

Time: 11 a.m. - 3 p.m. CT (CFP teams expected to be revealed at 11:30)

Channel: ESPN

Live Stream: ESPN App or WatchESPN

At this point, it seems clear that OU is the favorite to grab the No. 4 spot and face No. 1 Alabama in the semifinal. Defeated every team on your schedule should (and ultimately will in this case) earn you some respect. However, the bad takes are on the loose, as is tradition in the lead-up the the CFP announcement.

However, most reasonable people seem to have the right idea.

Whether ‘Bama makes the shorter trip (but at the risk of a crowd disadvantage) or plays down in South Florida is not quite clear at this point, but the latter seems FAR more likely. If you’re the traveling type and have the time/means to do so, I highly recommend following the Sooners down to Miami. I love New Orleans and Pasadena, but this particular trip has its own unique appeal.

Anyway, everything will be nailed down in the very near future, and we will be able to shift our focus away from these silly CFP arguments and back to football.

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