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Oklahoma Sooners move up to No. 6 in latest College Football Playoff rankings

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Oklahoma remains in a good spot going into Bedlam, but an eventual Notre Dame loss would help Sooner fans sleep better at night.

Oklahoma v Texas Tech Photo by John Weast/Getty Images

In the second edition of the College Football Playoff rankings, the Oklahoma Sooners moved up to No. 6 behind Alabama, Clemson, Notre Dame, Michigan, and Georgia. LSU fell to the spot behind Oklahoma after being walloped at home by Alabama.

Here are the full rankings:

  1. Alabama
  2. Clemson
  3. Notre Dame
  4. Michigan
  5. Georgia
  6. Oklahoma
  7. LSU
  8. Washington State
  9. West Virginia
  10. Ohio State
  11. Kentucky
  12. UCF
  13. Syracuse
  14. NC State
  15. Florida
  16. Mississippi State
  17. Boston College
  18. Michigan State
  19. Texas
  20. Penn State
  21. Iowa
  22. Iowa State
  23. Fresno State
  24. Auburn
  25. Washington

At this point in the season, Oklahoma is still in a favorable position to accomplish its goals, and it’s a pretty accurate ranking by the committee. Oklahoma hasn't earned a top-four spot yet, but the Sooners have the chance to change that with a big road game in Morgantown on November 23 and then the Big 12 Championship game the following week. Before those two games, they need to take care of business against Oklahoma State and Kansas (lol). To continue to impress the committee, they need to be show more improvement on defense and continue their offensive dominance.

On top of their own performance, the Sooners need to hope for a Notre Dame loss (watch out for Syracuse in two weeks) and for Alabama to top Georgia in the SEC title game. As far as the Big Ten is concerned, chaos would be a pleasant sight.

Some of the major whiffs by the committee included putting a two-loss LSU team ahead of Wazzu, West Virginia, and Ohio State. I know the Tigers beat Georgia convincingly, but they lost to a mediocre Florida team and then were shut out by the Crimson Tide. This is the same Crimson Tide team that gave up 14 points to Louisville, 21 points to Tennessee, and 31 points to lowly Arkansas. I know Alabama is the cream of the crop, but I was surprised LSU didn’t drop further after this past Saturday. Having said that, the three behind LSU will likely leapfrog the Tigers if they take care of their own business.