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Oklahoma Sooners Football Hot Links: Kennedy Brooks carries the load, Kyler Murray gains Heisman hype, and more!

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Also, OU is the first team in the AP Poll era to allow 40 points in three consecutive wins.

NCAA Football: Kansas at Oklahoma Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Monday, friends and fans!

Contrary to popular belief, there was actually a lot of positives to take away from the high-scoring Kansas game. Without beating the defense a dead horse, the offense kept clicking, even after yet another running back, Trey Sermon, went down. Justin Broiles suffered a scary looking injury, but managed to walk off the field with assistance. All in all, this team is very banged up, but it continues to persevere and win through it all.

With a shortened game week and the longest road trip on the Oklahoma Sooners’ regular season schedule, the mounting injuries are coming at a less-than-ideal time. Still, if there’s one quality that Lincoln Riley’s team has this year, it’s resiliency. Next-man-up mentality at its finest.

Now onto this week’s Monday edition of Hot Links! Joel Klatt and Tim Brando think Kyler is the best, Oklahoma whips Wofford, Alex Smith’s horrific injury is strange for all sorts of reasons and more!

OU Links

  • I mean, come on, this stat has to add to Kyler Murray’s value meter in the Heisman Trophy race, right? He basically needs to run this offense at optimal levels every time he steps on the field, otherwise the team could be taking some serious losses. Historically, this shouldn’t even be happening, but K1 is nearly single-handedly willing it so.
  • Murray leads the Heisman race in Joel Klatt’s expert opinion. He’s definitely leaving an impression on college football analysts everywhere. Dare I say... Joel Knows?
  • Tim Brando, who called the Kansas game with Spencer Tillman, believes Murray is the best player in college football this season. He’s seen a bunch of ball, and he’s quite familiar with what’s going on in the southeastern part of the country, but no other player has been more impressive to him than what he saw on Owen Field. K1 is simply electric, not just because he can be, but because he has to be.
  • Defensive back Justin Broiles suffered what appeared to be a bad head injury in the late stages of the Kansas game, and he needed a lot of help walking off the field. On Sunday, Broiles gave fans an update on how he was feeling. On the field it definitely looked bad, if not a little disturbing, so this is extremely positive news.
  • Kennedy Brooks is picking up steam as the season goes on, and with Oklahoma running backs seemingly dropping left and right, he’s going to need to last until reinforcements can hopefully return. Fortunately, he relishes the added carrying responsibilities.
  • Oklahoma hoops is off to a strong 3-0 start after topping the Terriers on Sunday. Wofford was a dangerous team for a Sooner squad that’s still finding its chemistry, but Lon Kruger found a way to get it done with both new and familiar faces.
  • In case you missed it, Oklahoma’s 10th win ensures that the “Dog Sh** Gambler” has to pay up. THE NET REMEMBERS!

Around the Sports World

  • In the latest College Football Empires Map, the Texas Longhorns have moved into the top five as far as territory owned is concerned. That means other teams also lost a considerable amount of space after falling on cupcake Saturday. Find out how it all looks heading into the final weekend of the regular season.
  • Alex Smith’s season ended and his career is in jeopardy after sustaining a gruesome leg break on Sunday. The comparison being drawn to this injury is the one that cut Joe Theismann’s career short, and there are several strange coincidences with that injury from all those years back that make this one hauntingly bizarre.
  • Olympic curlers were recently found to be totally hammered at a curling match. Signs they had too much sauce included breaking brooms and swearing loudly. I’m sure it made the sport more watchable, but yeah, that’s not cool, guys.
  • Purdue’s Carsen Edwards is only 6’1”, but he can throw down dunks with this amount of ferocity. His coach compared his athleticism to Saquon Barkley’s, and I can see why.
  • LeBron James logged 51 points Sunday night in a return trip to his old Miami stomping grounds, and he has teammate Lance Stephenson to thank for challenging him to do it.
  • Former WWE regular Enzo Amore made an appearance at Sunday’s Survivor Series Event. Amore was fired from his wrestling contract with WWE a year ago after a sexual assault case against him came about, so him showing up in the crowd and being taken away by security was likely not a staged stunt. Yikes.

Stick to Sports!

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