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Oklahoma Sooners Football: It’s time for the “Dog Sh** Gambler” to pay up

A bet’s a bet, son.

The Oklahoma Sooners were very #onbrand Saturday evening as they allowed the Kansas Jayhawks to reach the 40-point mark. OU fans are fit to be tied after witnessing yet another abhorrent defensive performance, and yet... there is a silver lining.

Back in April, the person behind @wdbhighlights — a Twitter account dedicated to a YouTube account dedicated to NFL highlights — was wrapped up in an argument with Oklahoma fans when he made what he thought was an innocent and forgettable remark.

TAke a look, y’all:

Of course, this poor soul broke Rule No. 1 of the internet, which is to not post anything under the assumption that people will eventually forget about it. Throwing OU fans into the mix doesn’t help the cause, either. Hell, Mike Lupica is probably receiving scathing emails to this day.

Unsurprisingly, this person is still neglecting to acknowledge this fact and refuses to take this whole thing in stride, and OU fans are now telling him to eat shit.