A time for everything...

So, as some of you know, my career will (in all likelihood) soon take me far from this wonderful state that I love. I wish it weren't the case, but, unless I am just absurdly fortunate over the next few months, I will soon settle somewhere else. I was raised in the backwoods of Oklahoma, sent away to become a man at a young age, sought my fortunes elsewhere for a while, and was eventually welcomed back at OU to complete my education just a few years ago. I will miss it. Oklahoma is wonderful red dirt, the kindest people (don't change), violent thunderstorms, and the best, most beautiful sunsets in the world.

Oh, and it's also meant Saturdays in Norman. When I was a kid, we didn't go to ... well, much of anything that cost money, and that certainly included big time college football. I grew up hearing far more about Barry, the Boz, and Sooner football than I ever watched. We were a baseball family, and college football wasn't ever a focus, so it's a fair critique of my fandom to say that it really only enveloped me once Bob turned things around. With OU suddenly back in a national arena, and with the advent of the internet allowing me to follow from afar, OU football was my lifeline home, a constant reminder that this prodigal had a home waiting to welcome him back. And it consumed me - suddenly, almost overnight, OU football moved into a sacred place in my soul, shared only with Cardinal baseball. So, when I returned, this time an official member of the OU family, season tickets became the norm for my wife and I (she wears the "I Married Into This" shirt entirely unironically), sort of my fatted calf that reminded me I was welcome back as one of the Sooner State's native sons.

And what a run it's been. Three years of Baker Mayfield, who will forever be the best college football player I've ever seen. This Magical-Murray-Miracle Season. The Buckeye loss, Bedlam wins, stomping Baylor, the ISU debacle... the things we've seen... It's all been a bit overwhelming, and I'm somewhat overcome with emotion today. It's probably the last time I'll walk through the gates of the Palace, for a long, long time anyway, and words that express how deeply meaningful the last few years have been just don't exist. It's certainly time, as my life once again transitions to something new, but these precious years will live on as some of the most precious memories I will ever have. I will certainly never forget Perine rolling over opponents, Shep tippy-toing the line, Dede running away from the world, Ceedee catching everything, Rodney dashing to daylight (even though Marcelias Sutton should've gotten those carries), screaming "HOOOOLLLLLYYWOOOOD!!!", Kyler's brilliance, more course of 'Boomer Sooner' than I can count, and the insanity that was watching Baker Mayfield do... everything. I've been blessed with an abundance of wonderful times, and part of that chapter closes today, so I'm a little morose, a little sad, and a little more reflective than normal.

In that vein, I've spent most of the last few years watching away games with you folks. I've snowed OUr game threads with a myriad of comments, some clever, most inane, and I've laughed and celebrated with many of you, cried with most of you (the Rose Bowl still kills me), and generally, my experiences and memories from these last few years have been colored by my interactions with folks on this board. I'm not going anywhere, either, I'll keep commenting until Jack implements his master plan to erase me from the internet, but on this day, when it's time to close the book on these wonderful years of attending OU games, I think it's also time to thank you all for making this a great place to read about Sooner football, interact with Sooner fans, and join like-minded folks in the ebbs and flows of OUr great football team. So, Jack, thanks for keeping all this running, difficult as it may be from your gilded throne amongst the dancing girls and champagne fountains. Seth, your updates are always appreciated, and I love your interactions in the game threads. To the other authors, thanks for your contributions. To everyone that puts up with my comments, my sarcasm, my whining, and my horrible, awful, not-good, almost-always-right takes on anything and everything... thanks to you as well. And to everyone, I'm really, really sorry for starting that whole "knob" business.

Lets beat the hell outta KU, and do some cool stuff the rest of the year. Boomer Sooner everyone.

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