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No. 6 Oklahoma vs. Kansas: Game thread, how to watch and final thoughts

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Head down to the comments section to discuss all things Oklahoma and other college football action!

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NCAA Football: Oklahoma State at Oklahoma Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Happy game day, Sooner Nation! We’ve reached Senior Night of the 2018 season, when a special group of Oklahoma Sooners seniors will be honored, and a game against the Kansas Jayhawks football team will take place. To echo everyone else around the OU football community, I’m sure we’re all a little relieved to welcome in Kansas after making it through the drama and chaos of the last two weeks.

Head on down to the comments section for the game thread, where we’ll be asking questions, making predictions and discussing the day’s action with y’all.

Coverage Info

TV: FOX 6:30 P.M. CT

Live Stream: FOXSportsGo

TV Commentary: Tim Brando, Spencer Tillman, Holly Sonders

Radio: OU Radio / TuneIn / SXM 200 / Español

Game Preview

Week 12 schedule (plus gambling picks)

Q&A with Rock Chalk Talk

Oklahoma Defensive Breakdown

In case you missed it, here’s episode 8 of Oklahoma Breakdown. (Fair warning: As usual, this week’s podcast has some NSFW language.)

Not sure there’s not much else to say that Sam hasn’t already covered in our awesome game preview, and the now-34.5-point spread seems mostly fair. The Jayhawks have been a bit in flux (I suppose more so than usual) after a close loss at K-State and, of course, with David Beatty’s firing a couple of weeks ago. It appears that none other than Les Miles will be taking over as head football coach at the basketball school known as KU.

This has been expected as the rumors have picked up over the last week or so, and this would certainly constitute a splash hire for a team desperately looking for life and identity to its program, one that hasn’t tasted any success in over a decade when former Oklahoma offensive coordinator Mark Mangino took the school to an Orange Bowl in the 2007 season. I wonder if this is just a last gasp at a relevant coaching gig for a past-his-days Les, or if he can really jumpstart a quiet program a la Mike Leach at Wazoo or Mangino all those years ago in Lawrence.

I hope this isn’t the last season in which playing KU in football isn’t a second bye week for most of the league. Since Les Miles is a truly silly man, and we all know college football can be silly enough. However, OU still owes Kansas a stomping for their instigation of our beloved Baker Mayfield’s Crotchgate episode last season. That game just wasn’t enough.

Kansas ... I’d like to believe you’ve learned your lesson well, because your pregame provocation ultimately led to the unfolding of a surprisingly exciting chapter in the ever-growing legend of Baker Mayfield — a matchup otherwise thought to just be your annual, run-of-the-mill, throwaway victory over the Big 12’s perennial doormat. So, here’s a big thanks for the added drama, theatrics, excitement and memories from that sunny afternoon a year ago.

With all that said, your villainy will be paid back in kind this afternoon, good sirs. Prepare for annihilation at the hands of the Oklahoma Sooners under the lights of Owen Field. We could decide to hang an actual hundo on you, but will likely ease up and toss in our backups to give them game reps against the exhausted JV squad lined up across the field.

Oh, and we’ll just let you score 20, because our defense is cool like that. Remember to shake hands with all the OU captains before the game, Kansas. Sooners roll.

Score Prediction: OU 56, KU 20

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