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Oklahoma Sooners Football Hot Links: Watching OU “like watching a drunk chase a balloon next to a cliff”

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Joel Klatt gives us a perfect analogy.

NCAA Football: Oklahoma State at Oklahoma Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

How’s it going, everybody?

The whole world has trashed Colin Cowherd’s Baker Mayfield takes (along with the majority of his other takes) in the past, mainly because his takes are complete and utter trash and are devised for the sole purpose of riling people up and moving the needle. We’ve played along with it plenty of times.

Cowherd says ‘screw it’ to teams that are the most deserving and says he wants to see teams that can be the most disruptive. Against Alabama, that means playing Georgia for a second time, or playing the Oklahoma Sooners. This aligns with a lot of his hot-takery, but people really would prefer to see Oklahoma instead of Michigan.

Anyway, I would hope the committee’s thinking isn’t about who they want to see in the playoff, even if that meant Oklahoma not making the semi-finals. I’d rather the Sooners earn their way in through resume and merit, which can totally still be accomplished.

That said, I don’t think Cowherd is wrong in thinking Lincoln Riley’s offense would give Nick Saban the most to think about at night as far as game planning goes. I think last year’s Rose Bowl (and Ohio State game) proved Oklahoma’s offense under Riley can score against the nation’s best defenses, and if getting into a shootout with the Tide is how they can be defeated, then who better than the Sooners?

Now lets dig into some Hot Links! Jerry Jones refutes the Riley rumors, VOTE FOR HOLLYWOOD, Patrick Mahomes likes ketchup on his steak and more!

OU Links

  • The analogy that watching Oklahoma is like watching a drunk chase a balloon near a cliff is actually pretty incredible. It’s compelling to watch, because you know at any minute it could all go terribly, but it certainly isn’t boring.
  • ‘Tis the season of giving back. 18 years ago, Josh Heupel started what’s now become a Sooner tradition. Many of the players and staff come together to package and deliver food for families in need, plus they spend some time meeting with those families. From the look on everyone’s faces, it’s a very rewarding and heart-warming experience. Boomer!
  • Oklahoma has lost a total of 11 players to season-ending injuries, with many of them in the same position groups. Lincoln Riley and staff are going to need some major contingency plans for the final stretch to minimize the impact of the losses.
  • Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones recently shot down rumors that his group was looking to hire Riley away from Oklahoma. While Jones says he has respect for what the young head coach has accomplished, he says there is no truth to the rumors.
  • It seems like every season there are at least one or two players on offense who break out and become impact players in Riley’s offense. This season, Kennedy Brooks is of that mold. The redshirt freshman running back leads the nation in yards per carry.
  • Caleb Kelly hasn’t seen the field much this season, but against Oklahoma State he was called upon to play a role he’s more familiar with. He says he now feels “invincible”.
  • The guys from Pardon My Take teamed up with Baker Mayfield to launch some Mayfield-themed merchandise, with all net proceeds going towards the Special Olympics of Ohio.
  • Copiah-Lincoln C.C. wide receiver prospect Kundarrius Taylor, who once committed and signed with Oklahoma out of high school for the class of 2018, has just received an offer from the Sooners once again. After having to take the JUCO route instead of coming to Norman directly, Taylor is now a 2020 prospect.
  • Trae Young’s father Rayford shared some blast-from-the-past photos of his son and Kevin Durant over the years. What are the chances either of them ever return to the state of Oklahoma to play ball? *ducks for cover*

Around the Sports World

  • This week is Cupcake Saturday in the SEC, as nearly every conference member is playing either an FCS opponent or a Group of Five school. Is there any chance for an upset? It’s happened before.
  • Draymond Green was suspended and fined $120K for Tuesday night’s game against Atlanta after reportedly calling Kevin Durant a not-so-polite name. That’s like taking the swear jar idea to a whole new level.
  • A referee in the English Football Association has been suspended for three weeks because he forgot his coin for the coin-flip and instead instructed the team captains to decide the kickoff with rock-paper-scissors. That’s a bit harsh, don’t you think?
  • Patrick Mahomes has been lighting up the NFL all season long, and is really doing just about everything right on the field. Off the field? He has at least one flaw that brings him way back down to earth. He puts ketchup on everything, or at least he used to before the spotlight was on him 24/7. And I mean everything, including steak. Good grief, Patrick.
  • The San Diego Padres’ Double A minor league affiliate in Amarillo has a new name and mascot: the Sod Poodles. If you don’t know, a Sod Poodle is a prairie dog. Yeah, Amarillo wins whatever moniker contest they’ve entered.

Stick to Sports!

  • An REI Co-op retailer is coming to Oklahoma City in the fall of 2019. Based near Seattle, REI sells specialty outdoor gear and expertise for anybody who wants to explore nature through river paddling, hiking, etc. It’s good stuff.

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