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Oklahoma Sooners Football: Report - Mike Stoops out as defensive coordinator

Mike Stoops is reportedly out of the job after a disastrous performance against Texas.

Texas Tech v Oklahoma Photo by Brett Deering/Getty Images


According to a report from James Hale (which was later confirmed by OUInsider, and others), the much-maligned defensive coordinator of the Oklahoma Sooners will no longer be throwing tantrums in the booth whilst his defensive units allow opposing offenses to have their way. This has been a long time coming, but credit to OU for finally ripping off the bandage.

Entering the 2018 season, Mike Stoops had fielding four bad defenses in the six seasons since his 2012 return to the staff. With the uptick in defensive recruiting over the past few years, there was optimism of at least slight improvement this time around, but that clearly hasn’t been the case. Many of the same issues continue to plague his unit, as Oklahoma’s defense is 116th in third-down defense and is TIED FOR LAST (100 percent) in red zone defense.

A plan for the present and future has yet to be announced, but we’ll update this as the story develops.

UPDATE (10:23 p.m.): According to John Hoover of 107.7 The Franchise, the call to oust Mike Stoops was made by OU president James Gallogly. As much as I’m in favor of the decision, this doesn’t seem particularly healthy.

Also, it looks like Ruffin McNeill is going to be the interim DC.