Five Takeaways From This Weekend

Kyler Shined on the Biggest Stage of Career

Some people are going to say that Kyler cost us the game. Did he have a couple plays that if they went a different way we could’ve won? Yes, but every game there are going to be plays that if they went a different way would change the outcome. That’s just football. The fact of the matter is though that this is the biggest stage of Kyler’s young career, and he did everything he could to win us that game.

Get Kennedy Brooks the Ball

Kennedy Brooks has been a pleasant surprise for the Sooners this season. While he’s only gotten 15 carries so far, he’s been able to turn that into 192 yards. That’s 12.8 yards per carry. Any player that averages over a first down per play needs to be on the field as much as possible. Especially on a team that uses the run to open up the pass, which is difficult when the run game isn’t where you want it.

Dial Up the Pressure

This defense is at its best when we’re putting pressure on the quarterback. It’d make sense to blitz as much as possible, but it seems like we’re still scared of getting burnt deep. But other than the two 50+ yard bombs we gave up to the 6-6 monster at Iowa State, the longest TD we’ve allowed this season is 28 yards; against Texas. It’s time we take some chances on D, because you know what they say, scared money don’t make money.

Too Little Too Late

Despite giving up 48 points, there were still some bright spots on defense. Most of them came in the fourth quarter of course, but they were still there. The defense shut the Texas offense down most of the fourth, only allowing 18 yards excluding the final drive. If they played with the same passion and fire the whole game as they do when their backs are against the wall, this defense could be something special.

The Dynamic Duo Continues to Dominate

I’ll end this one on a positive note. Hollywood and CeeDee may be the greatest receiver duo this program has ever seen, and we got to witness Sterling Shepard and Dede Westbrook just a few years ago. At the midway point of the season these two have unheard of numbers together. Hollywood now has 33 receptions for 635 yards, and 7 tds. CeeDee now has 25 receptions for 423 yards, and 6 tds. If they’re able to keep this up by the end of the season they’ll have a combined 116 receptions for 2,116 yards and 23 tds. If that doesn’t keep you excited for the rest of the season then I don’t know what will.

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