Beat the Drum for a New DC's Championship Day for NCAA Football. Unfortunately, our Sooners are not in, but should be if they'd a DC who knew what the hell he was doing. I think you can figure out where this post is headed?

Mike Stoops, as I stated last year, better be gone SOONER rather than later! (sorry for the pun)

Made a comment a while ago that I believe 'Stoopid' was kept on as part of a 'secret arrangement' made by Bob Stoops prior to his retirement announcement. I still believe this to be true. Your thoughts?

Jerry Montgomery was just hired by TA&M this morning as DC, and you know the best DCs will be either staying at current postings, or heading to new ones shortly. Jerry would have been a great hire in my estimation...In other words....TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE!

Lincoln needs to fire Stoopid immediately and get to hiring a proven, hungry, smart, can recruit, can coach, DC if he hasn't already named, Ruffin McNeill, as the new DC. My take is this....Ruffin is a very good coach, yet I have no personal knowledge of whether today's game, especially Big 12's style of play, suits Ruffin having ALL the tools to create a Top 10-20 defense that;s required to win championships. (Insert Alabama here as the example)

We know that if your team scores 48 points, and LOSES, WTF? Long overdue, should have been fired by his own brother, I'm stating....Lincoln Riley...get your DC game on immediately.

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