On National Championship Eve

Well, it's almost here. The day we should be celebrating and biting our nails with anxiety and angst. The day when all of the year's hard work pays off. The Battle of the Blue Bloods.

OU vs. Alabama.

Mayfield & Crew. Suiting up in Crimson & Cream. Once again, taking on the best. One last time to battle, my men, one last time.

In my heart. In my dreams. In my fondest wishes.

"...there are only eight blue bloods in college football: Alabama, Michigan, Nebraska, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Texas and USC."

I'm still mad and sad and refuse to be glad if the team from Georgia wins this game.

And, by damn, there are no Dawgs in that list of Blue Blood teams.

I'm probably just checking the score at the end of the game. Last week's experience is still too raw. Maybe some day I can feel better about all of this.

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