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IQ of a syrup covered waffle

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Two years ago, the University of Georgia hired Alabama's defensive coordinator, Kirby Smart and changed the landscape of college football, forever.
Kirby Smart played defensive back for UGA in the 1990's and to hear him speak, you'd think he was just another football player who was given an educational pass because of his athletic prowess (it happens on every campus in every state in our great nation).
You'd be wrong. Despite his deceptively slow, southern drawl, which he acquired growing up in Bainbridge, GA, he is no dummy. He made the honor roll while attending UGA (Georgia Tech alumni laughter heard worldwide) and earned his degree in finance.
The University of Georgia is on the verge of creating a Saban-like dynasty and it is due in large part to 42-year-old Kirby Smart.
In his book, "Bootlegger's Boy" former University of Oklahoma and Dallas Cowboy's Super Bowl winning head football coach, Barry Switzer, dedicates an entire chapter to "feeding the monster". In brief, he describes how difficult it is to get to the top of the mountain in big time college football and how much more difficult it is to stay there.
As I watched the Oklahoma Sooners squander a 17-point lead in the semi-finals of the college football playoffs in Pasadena, CA yesterday, it occurred to me that as smart as Smart is, he isn't new to this stage.
As the Tide's DC for eight years, he'd been on this stage many times before. A stage where the light shines so brightly from every corner of the state (except for Auburn...not so brightly there) that fans of a school they could not & did not attend, are willing to risk going to prison for assassinating a rival's beloved Toomer's Corner trees. Why? because Auburn was better than the Tide that year. I have read about families shooting and killing one another arguing over this rivalry. That's a not so bright (it is Alabama), yet oh so bright light, wouldn't you say?
To say Nick Saban is a control freak would be an enormous understatement. The media can attest to his level of control. Request an interview with one of his assistants and see how far you get with that. Let me save you some time...he will not allow it. Why? Probably doesn't want his minions saying something stupid, but for the most part, it's to shield them from both praise (only he is allowed to dole that out) and scrutiny.
Kirby Smart has an idea of what the monster is and how to feed it. He witnessed a small sampling as one of Saban's minions at Alabama. He had a protective shield in Saban and his strict media policy. Like Nick Chubb running through the OU defense, that luxury is gone.
All eyes are now on Kirby Smart and he seems to revel in that. It's up to Smart to feed the monster. It's up to Smart to ensure that once UGA earns its first National title since 1980 on Monday January 8th, 2018, they stay in the hunt for eternity.
The Bulldogs took the first step toward history on Monday afternoon by executing a comeback for the ages. Generations of UGA fans are basking in the glow of that Rose Bowl victory. It’s up to Kirby Smart to ensure that "back in '17" doesn't become the new "Back in '80" (referring to the last national title the Bulldogs won in 1980). UGA fans have harkened back to the 1980 national championship team and numerous, epic Larry Munson calls from the Herschel Walker, Buck Ballew & Vince Dooley era (ad nauseam) for the past 37 years.
Kirby Smart has changed the culture in Athens, GA. Under the Mark Richt regime, the Bulldogs were too nice. A tackle from a Richt defense was like a visit to your local mattress store. "Is this too firm?" "let’s try this one, it’s a much softer tackle", "We appreciate you stopping by the red zone mattress warehouse and we're glad you scored...such a great deal!" Way too polite for an SEC defense, hell any defense. Under the hard-nosed, defensive minded Kirby Smart, they are nasty. Their goal is to make their opponent give up...not just the game they are playing in, but the game of football altogether. They want you to walk off the field, hang up your cleats and assume the position at the insurance
agency a few years earlier than you had planned. That's their goal every time out. That's what you must do to keep the monster fed.
The monster makes coaches do crazy things. It makes coaches work 18 hours a day. It makes coaches miss important events in their personal lives and sometimes, it clouds their judgement as human beings.
Baker Mayfield is as polarizing a player as we've seen in CFB since the self-proclaimed "Johnny Football" John Manziel. Baker Mayfield is NOT Johnny football. He is more talented and has more heart than any player we've seen since Tim Tebow. He has the full support of his coaching staff and more importantly, his team mates. They'd all run through a brick wall for this brash, cocky, walk-on from Southlake, Texas. You hate him because he isn't playing QB at your school. His talent is undeniable. Will it translate to the NFL? He has been compared to Brett Favre, Russell Wilson, Drew Brees...and Johnny Football.
Will he be the next, great mobile quarterback to energize an NFL franchise and fan base? Fortunately, we will soon find out.
Much to Kirby Smart's chagrin, the cheap shot his defense took on Baker Mayfield in the Rose Bowl did not seem to have permanent or lasting effect. In this football climate, with Ryan Shazier of the Pittsburgh Steelers going down with a spine injury that may keep him confined to a wheel chair for the rest of his life (He's 25), you'd think that a college football coach would strongly denounce, even punish a player for delivering a blow to a 22-year-old kid because he was having fun on the sideline after a score (funny...I thought that was what football was supposed to be about) and you didn't like the manner in which he displayed his exuberance.

I don't know what was said in the UGA locker room at half time of the Rose Bowl, but I do know that Kirby Smart has to feed the monster now and the monster only grows with winning a national title. Fortunately for Smart and the Georgia Bulldogs, the defensive player who inflicted the cheap shot on Baker Mayfield, did not injure his knee while piling it into Mayfield’s ribs. Praise Jesus, he will be available for the national championship on Monday.
Kirby Smart will not dicipline his dirty player because he has to feed the monster.

Kirby Smart has been on this stage before. He is not new to winning. Baker Mayfield isn't either. While the national media doubted the sincerity in Baker's apologies, I know how sorry he was. Maybe not for the vulger gestures or for trying to ellude the police, but for shining negative light on the university he loves so much.
At the time of this literary masterpiece's publishing, Kirby Smart has not apologized for this display of joy.

He has 20 years on Baker Mayfield, so I guess he's immuned to public scrutiny?! He may be a defensive coach, but this was pretty offensive to me. My 16 year old son is a UGA fan. He is not deaf so lip reading skills are not in his communications quiver, yet he noticed it as soon as Kirby said it. Most UGA fans probably loved it. My son did not. Although Mark Richt ran the "Red Zone Mattress Warehouse" in his tenure in Athens, GA he had class. He made UGA proud in so many areas that matter except two. Winning SEC titles and competing for national championships.

Well, Mr. "Smart", the monster is hungry...better feed it soon, The hotseat beckons.

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