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Oklahoma Sooners Hot Links: Steph Curry praises Trae Young, Lane Kiffin compares Baker Mayfield to Brett Favre, and more!

Trae Young’s stardom grows with each game he plays.

NCAA Basketball: Oklahoma State at Oklahoma Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Football season is over, but the University of Oklahoma is still at the forefront of the college sports world — hell, even the sports world in general.

The Steph Curry comparisons have been thrown in Trae Young’s direction for as long as basketball fans have known about Trae Young, but it’s abundantly clear at this point that the hype is more than justified. Young touts a similar skill set, but he’s much further along in his progression as a player than Curry was at his age. It’s also fair to say that Young is a better facilitator than Curry was at any point in his college career, and he’s doing all of this against far superior competition

So bring on the hype. Bring on the comparisons. Trae Young will keep backing it all up as he did last night in a 109-89 win over Oklahoma State.

OU Links

  • Speaking of Young, he sat down to converse with SVP after the Bedlam W.
  • We know all about Mr. Young, but how ‘bout that Brady Manek? I mean... the Harrah freshman scored 28 points while taking only 11 shots and was 6-8 from beyond the arc in his first Bedlam game. That’ll do the job.

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