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Oklahoma Sooners Football: When Baker Mayfield Hot Takes Go Too Far

A Cleveland Browns podcaster made some assumptions about Mayfield’s Senior Bowl tardiness, and it did not go well.

NCAA Football: Rose Bowl-Oklahoma vs Georgia Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Sick of Baker Mayfield hot takes? Tired of hearing concerns about his weak immune system or cries of poor sportsmanship for planting a flag? Well, this may have taken the cake for stupidity.

Earlier this week, it was reported that Baker Mayfield would arrive late to check-in for the Senior Bowl in Mobile, Ala., due to a “personal family matter”. The possibility that Baker Mayfield might not play in the Senior Bowl also came to light, which drew the ire of this dude.


Yep, Cleveland Browns podcaster Damon Kecman decided to use this opportunity to give a hot (and I mean hot) take on Mayfield’s tardiness. This obviously resulted in some backlash from OU and NFL fans alike. Once this happened, he decided to double down.

Fortunately, Baker Mayfield was made aware of this awful take and revealed that the matter was actually quite serious.

Here’s the thing — if you don’t know the pertinent details of a matter such as this, maybe you should keep this kind of thing to yourself. The internet never forgets, and this guy will be branded as an idiot forever.

The guy ended up tweeting a monumentally weak apology shortly after Baker Mayfield’s response:

“I’m sorry that I assumed the reasons of why Baker Mayfield was late to the Senior Bowl.”

“Nor I, or anyone, knew the reasons for his absence but I wanted to publicly apologize because I was not trying to insinuate that his family matter wasn’t serious.”

I don’t quite have the words to express myself after reading this, so I’ll let Twitter carry the load.

Anyway, I hope Baker’s mom is doing okay. Baker and his family are going through a tough time, and they don’t need someone like this guy attempting to drag him through the mud for the sake of retweets.