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Big 12 Football Power Rankings: Oklahoma clings to top spot

Oklahoma barely pulled out a victory in Waco, and the Sooners now have a much slimmer lead atop our Big 12 Power Rankings.

Oklahoma v Baylor Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

Well, that was an interesting weekend in the Big 12, wasn’t it? I think a lot of things have become a bit more clear, but there’s still just so much more to learn about each squad. Now that non-conference play is officially over (nice of you to join us, Texas Tech), these rankings become a bit easier to create.

Last week’s rankings

Who has the best win at this point. TCU now also has one of the best wins of the college football season, but OU still has the edge in that department. Ohio State’s offense isn’t on par with Oklahoma State’s, but the talent of the defense in Columbus is insane, even with that young secondary. Also, Boone Pickens Stadium doesn’t exactly compare favorably to The Shoe.

Anyway, here we go!

  1. Oklahoma (4-0) - OU’s defense looked atrocious in Waco, but I think a lot of that had to do with attitude. I would also appreciate it if Mike Stoops would choose to send more than three guys no rush the quarterback from now on. Hopefully things are all straightened out with the scheme, the injuries and the attitude two weeks from now. The offense, on the other hand, appears to be rolling along just as expected.
  2. TCU (4-0) - Alright, Frogs. I see you. That was a very nice win you had against a very good offense in Stillwater. I also sort of expected Kenny Hill to make some mistakes that would result in a somewhat lopsided score, but he was actually pretty even-keeled! Your team seems to be at least solid in all aspects of the game, and they’re a real contender to win the Big 12.
  3. Oklahoma State (3-1) - Yes, they just lost at home, but this offense is still incredibly dangerous. Don’t forget that OU still has to go there, and they’re definitely still in the CFP picture if they can find a way to win out. To accomplish that, however, the offensive line will need to make strides throughout the season, and I’m sort of skeptical of that. The defense also looks at bit shaky after finally facing a decent offense.
  4. Kansas State (2-1) - I feel a bit weird keeping the Wildcats in this spot because they’ve really done nothing to earn it. Time will tell if that Vanderbilt loss will keep looking as bad as it does following Alabama’s showing in Nashville. I just can;t count out a Bill Snyder team just yet.
  5. West Virginia (3-1) - The WVU defense looked a bit shaky against the Jayhawks at times, but their only loss happens to be a pretty good loss against Virginia Tech, who will host College GameDay this weekend. Will Grier is looking like the real deal.
  6. Texas Tech (3-0) - The Red Raiders held a decent offense to 24 points on Saturday. I refuse to overreact and put them in the top half, but it has to be acknowledged. Nice win, Tech.
  7. Iowa State (2-1) - ISU’s only loss came to a pretty decent Iowa team. If they can find a way to beat Texas on Thursday night in Ames — which kind of seems inevitable — their stock will rise considerably. Jacob Park is pretty legit, and OU better not take them lightly on Oct. 7.
  8. Texas (1-2) - The ‘Horns sort of treated the close loss at USC as a shot in the arm. We’ll find out whether or not it’s all talk on Thursday night.
  9. Baylor (0-4) - As much blame as OU deserves for that game being close, Matt Rhule and those players deserve some credit. They also seem to have found their QB, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they pull off an upset or two in Big 12 play.
  10. Kansas (1-3) - They put up a nice little fight against the Mountaineers, but that KU defense is baaaaaaaaaaaad.

Week 5 Big 12 Schedule

Texas at Iowa State - 7:00 PM CT (Thursday)

Baylor at Kansas State - 2:30 PM CT

Oklahoma State at Texas Tech - 7:00 PM CT