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Oklahoma Sooners Hot Links: Baker Mayfield and Brett Favre should be BFFs

Rich Eisen is working to help connect Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield with childhood idol Brett Favre.

Seattle Seahawks v Green Bay Packers Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Hump Daaaaaay! It’s Wednesday everyone, which means the week is essentially half over.

The Sooners’ own Baker Mayfield was brought onto the Rich Eisen show to talk about the crazy weekend in Columbus. Amongst other things, Eisen and Baker discussed Brett Farve and how Baker watched him as a kid. Eisen promised to get them in touch.

Looks like he didn’t disappoint.

Two pocket masterminds who seemed to make things happen when you thought the play was over, and did so with plenty of swagger — it’s easy to see a lot of Favre in Baker Mayfield. It’s awesome to see Baker get hooked up with a Hall of Fame quarterback who can give him a few tips towards becoming an NFL star. These two needs to become best buds, as they obviously seem like kindred spirits.

But I digress, here are your Wednesday Hot Links!

OU Links:


  • With recent events causing our friends down south to reschedule a few games, Alex Kirshner explains how these cancellations are going to affect multiple teams.
  • Fear not, Mike Gundy’s god-awful/incredible mullet is still there, says his son. Just another reason why Oklahoma State is...something else...
  • Think the Florida Gators going to be in better shape for this week’s game? Think again. Nine players are still suspended in Gainesville.

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