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Oklahoma Sooners Football: OU fans are no longer allowed to tailgate on Lindsey Street

The University released a new tailgating map on Tuesday, and folks are not happy.

Louisiana Monroe v Oklahoma Photo by Brett Deering/Getty Images

The University of Oklahoma released its updated tailgating policies on Tuesday, and one particular development has people upset.

According to the OU’s athletics website, the new regulations are designed to ensure “the comfort and enjoyment of game day patrons; the safety, security, and well-being of all people associated with game day activities, and the safeguarding and preservation of all public property under the management of the University”.

This obviously infuriates fans such as myself who have made plenty of memories and killed plenty of brain cells whilst tailgating on the south side of Lindsey Street. I can understand that there isnt as much room for tailgating after the construction of the new dorms, but that doesn’t mean they should move it from there entirely.

David Boren and OU aren’t doing this for “the comfort and enjoyment of game day patrons”. They’re doing this because David Boren hates fun and always has. He doesn’t want us regular folks drinking and carrying on anywhere near his National Merit kids. It’s been rumored for a long time that Boren has been trying to gradually move tailgating off campus to the north, and this is just further evidence of that.

If you feel like tailgating before the Oklahoma Sooners take on UTEP, your best bet is to go off campus.