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Hot Links: New football facility, recruiting rankings, and more!

On Sunday, OU allowed the media to tour the new football facility. It definitely doesn’t disappoint!

Baylor v Oklahoma Photo by Brett Deering/Getty Images

Good morning/afternoon, everyone. It’s Monday. You know the drill. Here are your Hot Links!

Twitter went bananas yesterday when photos came out of the new home of the Oklahoma Sooners — a brand new 132,000-square-foot facility. The place has everything — hot tubs, lounge rooms, barbers chairs and Lego helmets. Everything.

And like all facilities, the Sooners left more than plenty of room to add to their accomplishments. And by plenty, I mean plenty.

And they didn’t forget the numerous Sooners stars in the NFL either.

OU Links

National Links

  • The English Premier League is back, and Romelu Lukaku is doing Lukaku things, only now it’s for Man United:

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