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Oklahoma Sooners Hot Links: Lincoln Riley and NASA, Red River friendliness, and more!

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Oklahoma head coach Lincoln Riley was a special breed coming out of Muleshoe, Texas.

NCAA Football: UL Monroe at Oklahoma Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Friday afternoon, Sooner nation!

I’m going to begin with a bit of personal news: August will be my last month with Crimson & Cream Machine. I’ve enjoyed my time here a lot, and I regret having to give it up, but I know whomever takes my place will hit the ground running like AD going off-tackle.

The reason for my departure is that my schedule with 107.7 The Franchise is going to be jam-packed this fall, especially once basketball season starts. We’ve got a lot planned, and I’m hoping that you guys will listen! Keep in touch with me on Twitter.

Without further ado, here’s today’s edition of Hot Links:

OU Links:

  • Look, I know that we’re in some troubling times. But if this can happen between two rivals, there is hope for us yet:
  • Sooner legend Rufus Alexander has some high praise for the Oklahoma receiving corps:

National Links:

  • Last night, the Pardon My Take twitter account reported that Oklahoma State star receiver James Washington had suffered a hernia injury and would be out at least the first four games. Lauren Rew of The Franchise reels that report in a bit:
  • All signs were pointing to a suspension for Cowboys star running back Zeke Elliott. Nobody could have guessed that he’d be given six games: