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Oklahoma Sooners Football Hot Links: Fall camp begins, Oklahoma Memorial Stadium cake, Ty Darlington is a coach, and more!

Someone modeled a cake after Gaylord Family - Oklahoma Memorial Stadium, and it looks delicious.

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Louisiana Monroe v Oklahoma Getty Images

Happy Monday, Sooner fans!

This Monday is a hell of a lot less mundane than most. Why? Because football season kind of starts today for the Oklahoma Sooners!

There are plenty of guys with quite a bit to gain and quite a bit to lose during fall camp. The safety position opposite Steven parker is up for grabs, the team is slowly transitioning to a four-man front, and skill-position players are looking to separate themselves from the pack. Plenty of stuff will go down in the coming weeks, and we can;t wait to talk about it. Hopefully it’ll be mostly positive!

OU Links

  • Look. At. This. Cake.

National Links

  • For those of you who like to go to Vegas, you may be interested to discover that the Wynn has a new-and-improved sports book. I think I could live in this place, quite honestly.


  • Here’s a pretty good recap of last evening’s Game of Thrones episode from The Verge. Spoiler alert, obviously.
  • I’m not a huge Avett Brothers fan (I think we’re all past the whole pop-folk thing if we were ever on board to begin with), but this Soundgarden cover from Newport Folk Festival is pretty cool.