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Oklahoma Sooners Hot Links: TJ Pledger hype, Tony Jefferson’s new home, and more!

It’s too early to consider a 2018 commit a Heisman hopeful, right?

Tostitos Fiesta Bowl - Oklahoma v West Virginia Photo by Maxx Wolfson/Getty Images

Happy holiday, Sooner Nation!

We here at Crimson & Cream Machine wish you a happy (and safe!) 4th of July tomorrow. Although you may be off of work, keep an eye peeled — we should have some Sooner content for you to read in between drinking beers, grilling meats, and blowing stuff up (not necessarily in that order, though.)

And please, no Jason Pierre-Paul-type incidents. I’m counting on all of our readers to return with hands full of fingers.

Without further ado, today’s edition of Hot Links:

OU Links:

  • Former fan favorite fullback (say that three times fast!) JD Runnels is working with Oklahoma DE commit Ron Tatum (who did not end up making it up to Oregon for The Opening). Runnels sees Sundays in Tatum’s future:
  • Try not to get hyped for 2018 running back commit TJ Pledger, who shook the defender into next Friday:

National Links:

‘Stick to sports!’