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Oklahoma Sooners Hot Links: Blake Griffin agrees to max deal with Los Angeles Clippers

The Oklahoma hoops legend is expected to sign a five-year, $173 million contract with the Los Angeles Clippers.

NCAA Second Round: Michigan Wolverines v Oklahoma Sooners Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Happy Saturday, Sooner fans!

With the recruiting dead period in full swing, things are a bit quiet on the recruiting front (with the exception of The Opening Finals, which you can read about here), but that doesn’t necessarily mean that we are short on OU storylines.

Former Oklahoma Sooners hooper Blake Griffin is set to sign a massive deal with the Los Angeles Clippers that will reportedly be worth $173 million over five years. I would love to have seen him return to OKC, but that always seemed unlikely. Having said that, it’s pretty tough not to feel extremely happy for Blake right now. After missing his entire first season in the NBA with a stress fracture in his left knee, the OU and OCS alum has earned himself quite a bit of fame and fortune both on and off the court. His commercials have always been funny, his dunks are off the hook, and (with one small exception) he’s always made us proud. Cheers, Blake!

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