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Oklahoma Sooners Football Recruiting: 2018 QB Tanner Mordecai Reaffirms Commitment Following Coaching Transition

The three-star prospect from Waco doesn’t seem to be wavering from his commitment to Oklahoma.

Student Sports

Last week, 2018 Waco QB prospect Tanner Mordecai announced his commitment to the Oklahoma Sooners. Following the announcement that Bob Stoops would retire and hand over the reigns to offensive coordinator Lincoln Riley, Mordecai reaffirmed that commitment on Friday.

This is something that makes a good deal of sense, especially when considering that Riley is Mordecai’s primary recruiter.

This comes days after the class’ most vocal OU proponent reaffirmed his commitment to the Sooners via Twitter. He also seemed to indicate that running back commit T.J. Pledger was on the same page.

Anyway, Oklahoma’s coaching transition seems to be going about as smoothly as planned, and I don’t anticipate this leading directly to anything catastrophic on the recruiting trail. I think we’re all eager to see if Oklahoma’s new coach is able to make some headway out there. Considering that Riley is a bright, charismatic and relatable guy, I think there’s plenty of reason for optimism.

Steve will have something up on Coach Riley’s potential recruiting impact sometime soon, so keep your eyes peeled!