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Oklahoma Sooners Hot Links: Lincoln Riley writes column for The Players’ Tribune

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Oklahoma’s head coach talks about his path, his mentors and the future.

NCAA Football: Oklahoma Spring Game Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Happy hump day, Sooner fans!

Oklahoma Sooners head coach Lincoln Riley decided to write a column for The Players’ Tribune in which he explains the path to his current gig and the task that lies ahead. He makes a point to mention what he’s taken from each of his mentors, including the people skills taken from Mike Leach (who apparently once answered a call from someone with a wrong number and ended up speaking to the person for 90 minutes) and an important life lesson learned from Bob Stoops’ reaction to the 2015 SAE video. It really is a fantastic read, and I’m now even more convinced than ever that we have the right guy leading the program.

Without further ado, here are the links!

OU Links

National Links

  • We’ll post something about The Opening Finals later, but for now check out this two-minute explanation of the event.
  • The Arizona Wildcats have some new unis, and I’m definitely a fan of them.
  • 2018 recruit Jalin Cooper has an inspiring story. The three-star prospect overcame homelessness and other obstacles, and he now has offers from several D1 programs.
  • How patient are Nebraska fans? In my experience, not very. However, they may have to be patient in 2017 according to Bill Connelly.
  • It looks like Chris Paul is going to Houston and teaming up with James Harden. Paul was an unrestricted free agent, but he reportedly has agreed to opt into a contract so that the Clippers can at least get something for him in return (Patrick Beverly, Sam Dekker and Lou Williams). Don’t you wish every NBA player could be so considerate?